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35 Foods That Help Reduce Cholesterol

Updated on August 5, 2015

Cholesterol is required to build cell membranes, but cholesterol levels above 200 puts you at risk of having stroke, heart attack, and peripheral vascular disease.

There are three types of lipids in your body- low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as “bad” cholesterol; high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as “good” cholesterol and triglycerides.

Higher HDL is good because it helps to keep your LDL in check and prevents heart disease. LDL accumulates in arteries and causes various heart disease.Maintaining a healthy diet is very important for those with high LDL cholesterol.

Below I have listed 35 foods that help lower LDL levels in the body.


1) Apples

Studies suggest that eating an apple every day helps lower bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol or LDL reacts with free radical to become oxidized.Oxidation of LDL cholesterol leads inflammation and cause tissue damage.It also causes hardening of arteries.

Poly-phenol is an antioxidant present in apples, which inhibits the oxidation of LDL ( low density lipoprotein) or Bad cholesterol.


2) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples and is beneficial in keeping cholesterol in check.

LDL or Bad cholesterol builds up in arteries and puts you at the risk of various heart diseases. Diluting apple cider vinegar with water and drinking it helps aid digestion. Acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar lowers Bad cholesterol levels.


3) Almonds

Almonds are good source of vitamin E and calcium.They are rich in poly and mono-saturated fatty acids which helps lower bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol.
Just a handful of almonds a day works wonders to lower bad cholesterol by 10%.


4) Avocado

Avocado is full of good mono-saturated fatty acid and has beta-sitosterol which lowers bad cholesterol.

Study has found that people who eat an avocado a day for a week had reduction in total cholesterol level by 17% and increase in good cholesterol.


5) Broccoli

Broccoli is packed with nutrients. The nutrients include beta carotene, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C and D. It is full of soluble fibers, which helps lower bad cholesterol.

6) Brown Rice

Brown rice's health benefits are due to the way it is prepared. White rice was once brown rice but the hull and the kernel are removed to make it white.When brown rice is prepared only the hull is removed which retains all the nutrients present in kernel intact.

Brown rice is excellent source of souble fiber which helps lower bad cholesterol.


6) Blueberries

Blueberries contain antioxidant called pterostilbene which helps lower bad cholesterol. Pterostilbene activates the cell which breaks down fats and cholesterol.

7) Beans and legumes

Beans and legumes are high in cholesterol lowering soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber forms a gel in water that helps bind acids and cholesterol in the intestinal tract, preventing their re-absorption into the body. This is how it helps lower bad cholesterol.


8) Carrots

Carrots are rich in antioxidants such as carotenoids, polyphenols and vitamin C. It is also rich in souble fiber and helps lower bad cholesterol.


9) Coriander Seeds

Research has shown that carrots helps lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Coriander seeds when taken every day with water is known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.


10) Celery

Celery contains butylphthalide, which helps lower bad cholesterol in body.

Research shows that 2 stalks of celery a day reduces cholesterol by 7%.


11) Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains compounds like cinnemaldehyde, cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamyl acetate which has many health benefits and helps lower bad cholesterol.

12) Canola Oil

Canola oil contains mono and poly saturated fats. Substituting saturated animal fats and other high cholesterol foods with healthier fats helps lower bad cholesterol.


13) Dark Chocolate

Flavonoids present in dark chocolates helps lower bad cholesterol and exerts protective effect on coronary heart disease.

14) Egg Plant

Egg plan has high fiber content which helps lower bad cholesterol or LDL and increase good cholesterol or HDL.

15) Flax Seeds

Flax seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid whcih is plant-derived type of omega-3 fatty acid and has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides levels.

16) Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are rich source of steroidal saponins which play a role in reducing bad cholesterol and also plays role in reducing body's production of cholesterol.

Fenugreek seeds are loaded with fibers which fight against high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

17) Green Tea

Green tea contains polyphenols which helps lower bad cholesterol while keeping good cholesterol untouched.


18) Garlic

Garlic prevents clogging of arteries and also lowers bad cholesterol.

19) Ladies Finger/ Okra

Ladies finger conatin folate, pyridoxine, thiamine, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, copper, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and phosphorus.

It contains fiber pectin which helps lower bad cholesterol and prevents clogging of arteries.


20) Lemon

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and solube fiber which helps lowers bad cholesterol and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

21) Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain eritadenine whcih helps lower bad cholesterol and improve the levels of good cholesterol.


22) Oranges

Oranges are rich in pectin and other soluble fibers.Pectin forms a gooey mass in your stomach and traps cholesterol and takes it out of your body, thus reducing bad cholesterol levels.


23) Olive Oil

Olive oil contains mono and poly saturated fats. Substituting saturated animal fats and other high cholesterol foods with healthier fats helps lower bad cholesterol.


24) Oats

Out of all the whole grains, oats contain highest amount of soluble fiber which is acted upon by normal bacteria in your intestines.

Soluble fibers reduce body's absorption of cholesterol from intestine, which lowers bad cholesterol.

25) Pomogranate

Pomegranate juice contains antioxidants polyphenols which helps lower bad cholesterol.It contains polyphenols higher than present in any other fruits.


26) Pear

Pear contains high amount of fiber in the form of pectin which helps lower bad cholesterol. It binds with cholesterol and knocks it out of the body before it is absorbed.

27) Parsley

Parsley helps lower bad cholesterol along with medications.


28) Strawberries

It is rich in pectic and soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol.


29) Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich source of vitamin E and antioxidants. Phytosterol is the compound found in sunflower seeds which helps lower cholesterol.

30) Spinach

Spinach contains lutein which prevents clogging/ blocking of arteries and also lowers bad cholesterol levels.

31) Soybean

Soy is a good source of protein, fiber and omega 3 fatty substance. Including soy in your diet helps lower bad cholesterol.

32) Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain an antioxidant named lycopene which gives it a red color, this antioxidant is known to have cholesterol reducing properties.


33) Turmeric

Curcumin present in turmeric prevents oxidation of cholesterol thus preventing clogging of arteries. It also reduces bad cholesterol.


34) Watermelon

Citrulline present in watermelon prevents accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body thus lowering bad cholesterol.


35) Walnuts

Walnuts are rich in mono and poly saturated fatty acids which helps lower bad cholesterol.

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    • Payal N Naik profile imageAUTHOR

      Payal N Naik 

      3 years ago from Mumbai

      Thank you.

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      3 years ago

      Well done, its helpful to society

    • Payal N Naik profile imageAUTHOR

      Payal N Naik 

      3 years ago from Mumbai

      Thank you everyone

    • profile image

      vyomikaa chopra 

      3 years ago

      Amazing research

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      3 years ago

      Thanks for a valuable article

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      3 years ago

      Good information

    • Payal N Naik profile imageAUTHOR

      Payal N Naik 

      3 years ago from Mumbai

      Thank you

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thank for valued informations


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