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20 Healthy Food Swaps for Weight Loss

Updated on March 21, 2019
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I am a student and I love to write articles. It's actually about spreading knowledge to other people.

20 Healthy Food Swaps

Today, I am going to tell you about 20 healthy food swaps that will help you for weight loss. These healthy food swaps are super easy and tasty things. These foods will energize you and give you all essential nutrients. These foods will help you to reduce the effect of cravings during weight loss journey. The foods I am going to tell you are not diet foods. These are actually healthy foods.


1- Sugar Cereals 》Puffed Grains: Instead of using high sugar cereals you can have puffed grains like brown rice with some berries and almond milk.It is more healthy option than other cereals.

2- White Sugar 》Coconut Sugar: Coconut sugar is better than white sugar. It has nice caramel flavour. It is as sweet as white sugar. It will perfect with a morning cup of black coffee.

3- Gummies 》 Dried Fruits: You can use dried fruits instead of sugary gummies. Dried fruits are more tasty than artificially coloured gummies. These are so sweet and chewy. You can have dried apricots, dates and pineapples.

4- Sports drink 》Coconut Water: Coconut water has natural sweet taste and it is very refreshing. You can have it during workout instead of other artificially flavoured sports drinks.

5- Mayonnaise 》 Hummus: Hummus is more healthier than mayonnaise. You can make it at home or buy from the store. It's basically chickpea paste. You can make it more delicious by adding different veggies to it.

6- Parmesan Cheese 》 Nutritional Yeast: It's basically an un activated yeast that tastes very cheesy. It tastes amazing. It's better than other cheesy options. You can sprinkle it on the top of your pasta.

7- Rice 》 Cauliflower Rice: It is basically raw cauliflower blended in food processor. You can have it if you are bored of simple rice. It looks like rice. It's more healthy and tasty than simple rice.

8- Fried Egg 》 Poached Egg: These are very healthy because you are skipping the oil and cooking eggs only in water. You can have these eggs on avocado toast.

9- Mayonnaise 》 Smashed Avocado: It's simply avocado paste. It's better than mayonnaise because it will add more veggies to your meal. You can put it on your toast or anything you want.

10- Soda 》 Sparkling Water: You can have sparkling water with some lime in it. Lime adds sweetness and flavour. Sparkling water makes you feel like you are drinking soda.

11- Tortilla Wraps 》 Lettuce Wraps: If you are bored of bread and other typical wraps then use lettuce wraps. These are very tasty and crunchy. These are more healthy option.

12- Cooking Oil 》 Vegetable Broth: You can use vegetable broth instead of cooking oil. It is more healthy than cooking oil. It will make your veggies crunchy just like oil.

13- Spaghetti 》 Zoodles: These are just zucchini that are cut in spiral shape just like spaghetti. You can have these raw, steamed and sauted however you like. These are delicious to eat and add extra veggies to your meal . You can turn these around your fork just like spaghetti.

14- Freezer Fries 》 Sweet Potato Fries: Just cut a sweet potato into strips and baked these strips with little bit of coconut oil and sea salt. These are as crispy as freezer fries.

15- Potato 》 Air Popped Popcorn: It's delicious. It's more healthier and you feel good about snacking on it. It's perfect for movie night.

16- Sour Cream 》 Greek Yougurt: You can add it on baked potatoes or anything you want creamy. It's more tasty and healthy.

17- Ice cream 》 Nice cream: You can make it at home by adding frozen bananas and other fruits. It has no artificial colour and flavour. Just add frozen bananas, peanut butter and almond milk. Your nice cream is ready.

18- Cream 》 Cashew Cream: This is the best dairy free option. This is the best option for adding creams to your favourite dishes. Blend cashews with some water and your cream is ready. This is heavenly.

19- Fruit Base 》 Frozen Veggies: You can add frozen veggies to your smoothies instead of fruits because fruits add extra sugar to smoothies. Frozen veggies is the best option.

20- Oil 》 Apple Sauce: You can use apple sauce instead of extra oil in baking goods for example banana bread. This works amazing. This is more healthier.

I will mention again that these foods are not typical diet foods. These are healthy foods. Try these healthy foods now and you will feel the difference in your health.


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