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10+ Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Updated on January 19, 2011

I've Got Pink Eye

Pink Eye or its correct term Conjunctivitis is irritation, swelling, and redness of the mucous membranes beneath the eye's surface. Although very common and not serious, its symptoms of iching, drainage, sensitivity to light, and swelling would cause anyone to seek medical attention. And while Pink Eye can spread quickly, its causes can stem from a range of cases such as poor hand washing, allergies, dry eye, chemicals, smoke, or virus and bacteria infections. But despite how it landed in your eye, there are great home cures that can help you turn a 7-10 day bother into a 1-2 day interruption.

Home Remedies

1. Breastmilk. It has been proven and researched to treat pink eye without harm.

2. Chamomile Tea. Take the tea bag and hold it against your eye for a good amount of time. The compress helps to fight infection.

3. Johnson & Johnson Tear Free Baby Shampoo. Put a small amount on a q-tip or a clothe and begin to wash the eye with it. You can also put some in a dropper and apply it to your eyes directly to begin treating the infection.

4. Salt Water. Mix some salt with some warm water and soak it up with a cotton ball. Then with your eyes closed squeeze the cotton ball onto your eyelids and let it soak in. You can also use a q-tip and drip a few drops into your eye. There may be some minor stinging though.

5. Baking Soda (not powder). Perform same steps as #4.

6. Saline Solution. This is the product used for contacts. Use these like eye drops to clear up your pink eye.

7. Purchase Similasan Pink Eye Relief Walmart or Wal-Greens. I've used this myself for my 3 year old and it does work fast. It's all natural and safe to use for all ages as many times as you want.

8. Urine. Yeah it's gross I know. But this remedy is extremely old school because it works. Research it yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about.

9. Boric Acid. Mix a pinch of boric acid in a quart of warm water and wash your eye with it. If it burns, you've pinched in too much boric acid. If it doesn't, then you have just enough and it will start to improve immediately.

10. Raw Potato. Scrape the inside of a raw potato and at bedtime place on your eye lids overnight. It'll draw out the infection and your eye will be back to normal in no time.

11. Colloidal Silver 10ppm. It's clear and you can get it from your local whole food store. It does not irritate or cause pain. You can administer the drops 3x daily until you are relieved from pink eye.

What If Nothing Works?

If you've gone through a good amount of these remedies as well as others to no avail then it's possible you may have something more serious than pink eye. In that case, I'd suggest taking the time out to get it checked properly by a professional.


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    • profile image

      Chantal 6 years ago

      I have done the tea bags before. They work. So does the Similasan Pink Eye Drops from Walmart or Walgreens.