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20 Minute Relaxation Tips for Your Busy Day

Updated on November 21, 2017

With the busy schedules that we all have, finding time to relax during the day is nearly impossible. However, despite how busy we may be, there are a few quick ways to clear your mind, hit the reset button and calm the body that will only take a few minutes out of your day.

Prepare for Tomorrow, Today

The first way that you can relax is to remain prepared. This means preparing for tomorrow while it is still today. While this might seem simple, it is actually very important because it will help people sleep easy at night knowing that they are ready for tomorrow. The time that you put into preparation is going to lower your stress levels dramatically! So, take a few minutes at the start of each day to prepare, and a few extra at the end of the day to prepare for tomorrow!

Pack a Healthy Snack

One of the biggest reasons why people feel stressed out during the day is that they feel hungry. Therefore, try to bring a snack; however, don't just bring any snack. Make sure the snack is a healthy option. Consider something that is packed full of protein, and avoid those sugary snacks. Sugar can actually make your stress worse, which can make you feel even more hectic.

Work Along to some Music

It is easy for people to feel lost in silence. Try to put on some music; however, make sure it isn't too distracting. Some quiet, relaxing music can be the difference in a busy day. Secondly, many studies have proven that listening to classical music can increase your work productivity! If you were to get more done during the day, imagine how relaxing this will be at the end of the day.

Ask for Help

Many people feel overwhelmed during the day because they feel alone at work. Nobody should ever feel alone and everyone needs a helping hand. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help. The same can be said when you are home. If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask for a hand.

Wash Those Hands

It is vital for people to practice proper hygiene because when they feel stressed out, the immune system is down and more susceptible to infection. Wash those hands to make sure the body doesn't get sick. If you were to get sick, the stress overload you feel is only going to become worse, so take an extra two minutes when going to the bathroom to properly wash your hands!

Cleaning can be Therapeutic

Many people have cleaning on their to-do list and might feel stressed out by its presence; however, some research has shown that doing something repetitively can be therapeutic. That is where something like dusting or vacuuming can actually help calm the mind. So, why not take 20 minutes at the end of the workday to tidy up a room in your home? Not only can help you relax, but it may lower some of the stress that you are feeling!

Take a Bath

People should take a few minutes to relax in some warm water. While this is far from original, it is often overlooked. The warm water can help remove the stress from the joints while also relaxing the muscles. No wonder so many people sing its praises! Take a dip in the bathtub with some soothing lavender candles will be amazed at how relaxed you will feel!

Go for a Swim

For those who really like the water, why not get a workout at the same time? Swimming a few laps doesn't take too long and can help take some stress out of the body. For those who don't like laps, try floating. The water helps the body to feel lighter, while stress can make your joints and muscles feel tight. The water actually helps you to physically feel better, which will go a long way in relaxing!

Ditch the Screens

Even for just a few minutes, getting rid of the electronics can really help remove some of the stress from the mind. Because of the clutter on those devices, the mind gets pulled in different directions and can feel stressed out. Turn them off for a few minutes every day. Tip: Also avoid looking at these late at night, as this can disrupt your sleep patterns, which can make you stress levels even higher!

Enjoy some Memories

It is important that the memories are positive; however, try and relish the good times. Think about other times that something went well or think about good friends or family. This will remind everyone what they're working hard for and can generate some motivation. Try to look at some old pictures or simply take a few minutes to simply think.

Try a Few Yoga Poses

It's no secret that yoga can be both relaxing and a great workout; however, people don't need to be in a yoga studio to take advantage of them. Take a few minutes before bed to do a few yoga poses. This will help reduce the heart rate and remove some stress from the day. A great starter pose to consider is Sun Salutation. This can help relieve sore muscles and is a great deep breathing exercise.

Focus on a Single Item

One of the problems of the to-do list is that it never seems to get smaller. Start with one item on the to-do list and cross that one off. That sense of accomplishment can help people relax and feel confident that they will actually complete the list.

Write Out the Problem

People handle different problems in different ways and it could be helpful to write out the issue. Seeing the problem on paper will help to conceptualize the issue and can help trigger solutions that you may not have seen otherwise.

Stick to the Routine

This includes the routine of exercise. When people feel stressed out, it can be tempting to cut out certain parts of the routine. Exercise is often the first thing to go. Don't let this happen! Exercise can release endorphins, which will make you feel better.

Cut out the Negative Words

When people start voicing negative opinions, this becomes contagious. Therefore, if people start thinking that they will never get through their busy day, it might actually happen. Stick to positive thoughts. It may be helpful to avoid those negative talkers in your life so that you are always surrounded by positivity.

Find a Sense of Humor

Laughter is sometimes the best medicine and finding time to laugh at jokes during the day can put a smile on not only the individual's face but also the people around them. Take time to laugh during the day. Consider signing up for a daily email for the joke of the day. It is these little things that can make all the difference!

Go for a Walk

Many times, the solution will come when people change the scenery. This is how going for a walk can be helpful. Get away from the problems, reset the day, and enjoy the outdoors.

What Good Thing Happened Today?

When the day actually reaches the end, it can be helpful to find something positive to take away. That will help ensure that you wake up the next day for round two. This is a daily practice that everyone should be doing!

Embrace the Challenge

Those who have trouble completing their challenges are often trying to avoid them instead of tackling them head-on. Don't run from the challenge. Instead, embrace it and find the motivation to persevere until the end.

Plan Something Fun Every Day

Lastly, try to plan a fun activity every day. This will give the body and mind something to look forward to at the end. By having this reward at the end, the body will relax and the mind will clear. This can be anything. For example, maybe you enjoy a great book, then promise yourself to read a chapter or two each day. Maybe you love video games, promise yourself 20 minutes of play time at the end of the day.

Because there are so many different ways listed, you need to find what works for you. This means that the next time you feel overwhelmed by your day, put a few of these tips to use. It might make all the difference in the world!

*Disclaimer: This article pro­vides gen­eral infor­ma­tion about med­i­cine, health, and related sub­jects. The words and other con­tent pro­vided in this article, and in any linked mate­ri­als, are not intended and should not be con­strued as med­ical advice. If the reader or any other per­son has a med­ical con­cern, he or she should con­sult with an appropriately-licensed physi­cian or other health care worker.


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