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20 Germy Places Where You Are Picking Up Germs

Updated on December 10, 2010

It’s the season when all of us are getting sick. You can say it’s the cold weather or the wet and rainy days but the truth of the matter is that what causes us to get sick is germs. Do you know where you’re getting them? You can get germs from a lot of different places, of course, but there are some things that are more problematic than others and you might not even be aware of how germy they are.

Here’s a look at twenty places where you might be picking up germs:

1.     Airplanes. There’s a reason that people often boost up their vitamin intake before getting on a plane; you’re in close contact with a lot of people and you’re all sharing the same enclosed air.

2.     Buffet counters and salad bars. Do you really want to eat food that’s been sitting out as a bunch of people walk by and breathe on it? Go for it if you want to but be aware of the fact that you’re getting a lot of germs when you do.

3.     Gym equipment. If you follow someone else on certain gym machines or even just lifting the same weights that they lifted, you’re picking up their germs. Even worse, if you’re using a yoga mat that someone just used then you’re really getting germy.

4.     Handrails in public spaces. The bus, the subway, escalators and stairways all have handrails for you to hang on to. Think twice before you hold one and then wipe your nose or touch your face. You’ve got all of the other people’s germs on your hand, too.

5.     Money. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of people touch your money. It never gets washed. It gets stuck into pockets, cleavage and who knows where else. Germs, germs, germs.

6.     Phones that are shared with other people. You probably don’t use pay phones much these days but is there a phone at your office that you share with other people? Do you cover for the receptionist at lunch hour? Does your whole big family use the same landline? The more people using a phone, the more germs it’s picking up. You might want to wipe it down before you use it.

7.     Public tables. There are some public tables that get wiped down regularly, like those at restaurants, but then there are others (outside of cafes, in the conference room at your office) that don’t get cleaned nearly enough even though a lot of people are using them. Keep your hands off of the table and wash them when you leave it.

8.     Restaurant menus. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that the menus at restaurants are wiped down between customers? They’re not.

9.     School. We all know that kids get sick as soon as they start back to school. It still happens in college. Schools are germy places.

10. Shared computer keyboards. Do you love to stop into Internet cafes to use their public computers? Do you use the computers at your local library? How about the demo models at computer stores? These are all filled with germs.

11. Shared showers. The showers at your gym, your local spa and the hostel that you stayed at the last time that you traveled somewhere on a budget are all probably filled with germs. You probably won’t scrub these down but be aware of the fact that you’re picking up germs here.

12. The hand dryers in public restrooms. This problem is diminishing now that there are some places that have those cool fast-action dryers that you don’t actually touch with your hands. However, the old-fashioned hand dryers are pretty filthy.

13. The local ATM machine. Think about how many people press the buttons on these machines every single day. You’re picking up all of those germs.

14. The peanuts at the local bar. Does anyone actually really eat these things? If you do, you might want to think twice. Do you even know who has been sticking their hands into that same bowl you’re eating from?

15. Toothbrushes. You probably don’t even want to know how many germs are on your toothbrush. Suffice to say that putting a cap on this bathroom item isn’t a bad idea.

16. Video game controllers. The more kids that you have at your house using the controllers to your video game consoles, the more germs you have collecting at your house.

17. Wallets, ID cards and frequently-used purses. You touch them all of the time, you take them out in all sorts of public places and they sometimes get handled by other people. They’re pretty much filthy.

18. Your computer’s keyboard and mouse. Your work computer gets especially germy but even your home computer can collect a lot of germs and there you are just touching it all day long.

19. Your own cell phone. You would think that it doesn’t get that germy since you’re the only one using it. You’d be wrong. Your phone actually picks up a lot of germs throughout the day.

20. Your own kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places that you ever come into contact with. Luckily, you naturally wash your hands a lot while you’re here. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad idea to get in the habit of cleaning it just a little bit more often. Keep a spray cleaner nearby and use it liberally.

Of course, no one wants you to become a germophobe but becoming more conscious of washing your hands when coming into contact with these places and things is probably a smart move to make.


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  • profile image

    robert the champ 

    4 years ago

    Very expensive and nice nada gud

  • profile image 

    6 years ago

    plese wash your hand ok

  • Silver Poet profile image

    Silver Poet 

    7 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

    Excellent! Someone is actually telling it like it is about germs! Voted up!

  • Ann Nonymous profile image

    Ann Nonymous 

    9 years ago from Virginia

    #5.....see money does have disadvantages! Great hub, Kathryn!

  • De Greek profile image

    De Greek 

    9 years ago from UK

    Nice :-))

  • 2patricias profile image


    9 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

    Good list - but it encourages Pat to see germs everywhere (LOL says Tricia). But don't forget your purse/handbag. Think about it - you put it on the floor in public place maybe even toilets. So don't put it on the table or your kitchen counter when you get home.

    Neat hub.

  • profile image

    Cash Mobile 

    9 years ago

    Cool handy to know! Thanks!


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