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20 Ways to Relax

Updated on September 19, 2018
Aaliyahsalia profile image

Aaliyah S is a self-published author, blogger, poet and an amateur webtoon artist who is also passionate about dancing and exploring!

  1. Paint a painting - What more fun can it be to splash some paint on a blank canvas? Or to make things fun, why don't you pour liquid paint in the balloon and then throw it on the wall? *Don't blame me though if your mom or dad kick you out of the house after seeing what you did...I just gave an idea.*
  2. Smell some flowers - Not necessarily flowers, but you can smell some perfume too.
  3. Take a nap - Now we're talking, right? After reading this post, go and get some shut eye even if its for fifteen or twenty minutes.
  4. Watch the clouds - I don't know about everyone else, but for me, that really works. I like cloud watching and picking out different shapes or imagining fantasy creatures or individuals.
  5. Take deep breaths - Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Keep doing it until your body and mind feels light. Don't think anything. Just keep breathing.


Your mind will answer more questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.


William S. Burroughs

6. Read a book - There's nothing like diving into a different world.

7. Watch something - Take your time and binge watch your favorite comedy series or movie! A little laugh once in a while will make you happy and motivated to work on your next big project.

8. Eat your favorite dessert - We all know this right? That desserts spelled backwards is stressed. So, go on, eat that delicious apple pie or chocolate lave cake!

9. Get a massage - If you have money then go to a spa and get a really good massage. But if you're too lazy to get up or are low on allowance, then tell someone from your family or friends to just massage your shoulders or neck a little. Massaging helps circulate blood all over your body and helps you relax easily.

10. Journal your thoughts - Write whatever comes to your mind in your secret diary or on a piece of paper. Do not use your phone or laptop. Use a pen and a paper, okay? No screens. Use the old times way.

Take a deep breath and just enjoy your life~

11. Take a nap - It's okay. Close your eyes and just lie down. The world isn't going to run anywhere. And you have ample of time to finish your work. I promise.

12. Exercise or meditate - One of the best ways to relax and free your mind from unnecessary thoughts.

13. Dance - Dancing releases happy hormones! So turn on that jukebox and get rocking baby!

14. Go shopping - Window shopping is fine as well. Just get out of the house a little and enjoy a different view. You could also people watch for your next novel.

15. Drink tea - Caffeine isn't good for your health, but tea, I'll brew some right away and you should too~


You can't control everything.

Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out.

Let go a little and just let life happen.

— Kody Keplinger

16. Pet an animal - I prefer cats over dogs, but an animal is an animal, so choose your breed or species and just spend some time with them.

17. Try to learn something new - Gaining beneficial knowledge will make you feel productive throughout the day.

18. Hot bath - Hot baths are my absolute favorite! I say that all you need to do to really relax is just take a hot bath and leave your worries in the drain.

19. Hug - Just shut up and hug someone. Don't ask questions. Just do it.

20. Charity - I know this sounds a little odd, but giving something in charity; be it money or your old clothes, or books, or anything you're not using will really make you feel good. Trust me on this. Give in charity and feel the contentment for yourself.


So, these are the 20 tips that'll no doubt help you relax.

I hope you guys implement them and remember one thing, take it easy, okay?
Don't stress too much, don't worry, breath and enjoy your life because life is too short to worry about little things.

© 2018 Aaliyah S


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    • Angel Harper profile image

      Angel Harper 

      21 months ago

      Number 16 is my favourite, my cat is so cute - she is impossible to resist!!


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