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10 Ways to Relieve Your Headache Naturally

Updated on January 18, 2011

Why Do I Have a Headache

Headaches, being one of the world's most common ailments, targets our territory-the head-at some point or another in our lives. The reason for the headache varies. Some headaches like migraines are caused by reduced blood flow to certain areas in our cerebral cortex. There are some that may also be caused by tension and stress. And there are those that are the onset of another problem area in within our body. But despite what brought your headache, there are proven methods for relieving the pain without the use of drugs or transportation for doctor visits.

Common Remedies

1. Quiet down the Shade. Turn off the lights and close the blinds to dim things a bit. Then lower the noise level by turning off devices and lowering the TV.

2. Water. It has so many benefits and many times we lose out on just how good it is for us. A lot of times, we don't realize that we are aren't drinking enough. Drink two or three glasses down and sip periodically.

3. Hot & Cold. It may be old school but it still works. Put an ice pack on you forehead and a heating pad on the back of your neck. This expands the blood vessels in the head relieving pressure. Now just sit back and relax.

4. Massaging your temples with your fingers or with magnets seems to work wonders for some.

5. Steam & Oils. You can boil some water adding drops of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and camphor oil and make a towel tent over your head to breathe in the steam. Peppermint oil does wonders by itself as well. You can dap a little on the top of your lip and right under your nose with a cotton swab. The oil may tingle the area but is not harmful.

6. Acupuncture. If you take a deep breath in while holding down and firmly massaging the area between your index finger and your thumb for 30-60 seconds, it will help to relieve your headache or at the very minimum make it bearable.

Not So Common Remedies

7. Cinnamon & Sugar Mix. Boil some water adding ground cinnamon and sugar. Breathe in the steam. You can also pour the contents in a ziplock bag and apply it to the area where the tension is. And if that doesn't seem to relieve every bit of pain associated with your headache, you can also drink it. Quite tasty.

8. Hair Pull. Have someone take a fistfuls of your hair close to the scalp and pull for 3 seconds then slowly release until all the hair around your hair has been pulled. Doing this releases tension and really works.

9. FeverFew. This herb has been used for centuries to treat headaches, stomach aches, asthma and skin conditions. This plant being apart of the sunflower family orginiated from Europe but is not widely known in America for relieving headaches and migraines.

10. Willow. Chewing on willow branches have been said to get rid of headaches.

Don't Stop Here

 This is of course not an exhaustive listing of ways to get rid of your headache so keep searching and keep trying. Know that in the end your mood will play a role in how you feel so if nothing else, do your best to rest, relax, and settle your mind as much as possible so that your results are successful.


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      Nice and useful


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