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In Loving Memory Of David A. Mackenzie 1981 - 2011

Updated on September 15, 2014

I don't believe Dave was ready to leave this earth as soon as he did, but anyone who knew him as well as I did knows he left this world the way he wanted to leave it. It is hard to sum up a person's character in one newspaper clipping, especially someone who had such a unique, funny, and off the wall character as Dave did. He was truly his own person and that is something nobody will ever be able to take from him.

Since Dave was a teenager people have always said if you wanted to watch the best reality show on television, just follow Dave around 24 hours a day with a video recorder, because his life was funny, dramatic, and as real as it gets.

Dave was the type of person that was always in a predicament. He was just capable of getting himself into the most screwed up situation a person could possibly get themselves into. I remember one time he actually moved his new girlfriend into his apartment, started a fight with her to break up with her, moved her back out, then made up with his ex-girlfriend and moved her into his apartment, then started a fight with her to break up with her, moved her out, then made up with the first girlfriend he let move in. He then moved her back in, all in a 24 hour period. Ridiculous is the word he would use to describe this situation, but it was also freakin hilarious from the outside looking in.

More than anything Dave loved to party and hang out with his friends. He loved to drink beer and hangout with girls, go to bars and listen to music. He just loved to have fun really. If it involved booze, woman, and music, Dave was there. Lets just say he never missed an occasion. I mean for real, he NEVER missed an occasion.

I think the one thing that made Dave's character as comical as it was though was the fact that he wasn't afraid to talk about and express the most embarrassing aspects of his life. He was real in more ways than one and we all know that the most real stuff, is the funniest stuff. Put it this way, the things about yourself that most people would keep in the closet for dear life, Dave wasn't afraid to put all those things all the way out there. Unless of course he was around a girl he really liked because that's the only time I ever saw him hold back. He struggled even then too.

Even though most people thought Dave was a complete screw up, my homie had a few talents, or hobbies I guess you could say. Dave could fix your car, install your radio, give one heak of a good fade with the clippers and line your beard up NICE. Dave could practically sit down and reprogram your whole computer, if he felt like it. He even took two years of college while incarcerated to learn how to do it. He could figure things out. He was clever.

Music can explain a lot about a person and what they're going through in life, and one of Dave's favorite people in the whole world was Eminem. Dave loved and respected Eminem's music because Dave was able to relate to what Eminem was talking about in his songs. Dave literally dissected every verse in every Eminem song ever made. I remember him telling me right before he died that Eminem's music had helped him through a lot of hard times. I guess you could say that Eminem's music was sort of therapeutic to Dave, especially being that Dave had more demons to fight off than most people did.

Dave was the type of person that if he cared about you and considered you his friend , he was loyal to you. He had your back no matter what. I mean in most dangerous of situations, if you were his friend, he was not going to leave your side. I know this for a fact from true life events that took place. Dave and I went through a lot together. A lot of drama and a lot hard times and he stood with me every step of the way.

Dave knew all about hard times, and he was the type of dude that if he knew you were going through hard times and you were his homie, he would do anything he could, in his own little way, to try and make you feel better. I remember going through one of the hardest times of my life when my kids mother and I were breaking up. Dave knew how bad I was hurting on the inside and pretty much forced his girlfriend to drive an hour and a half from Steubenville, Ohio to Canton, Ohio in the middle of winter just to pick me up. He took me back home with him and did everything he could to try and take me out of my depression. He was looking out for me, trying to make me feel good, just like real friends do. He was always there when it counted.

This is just a very brief description of who David A. Mackenzie was as a person. A small way to show tribute to someone that I'm going to miss until the day I die. I don't think there's enough ink and paper in the whole world to cover all the basis with a person like Dave because he wasn't just your average everyday person. He was one of a kind. I don't think I'd ever be able to put enough words together the right way to express what he meant to me as a friend and how much I'm going to miss him now that he's gone. Even if I was capable of something so complex, nothing would ever seem good enough.

Dave, you've been gone a whole year now and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you, sometimes not even a moment. I talk to you everyday still and somehow I know your near me. I know that the way we grew up and the things we did together while you were still alive wasn't always for the better, but no matter what, through right and wrong, we were always homies for life.

I love you ------.


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