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21 Great Diet Tips

Updated on February 28, 2014

A gift to you: the best diet tips around

We all have bad days on our diets. However, there are lots of tried and tested strategies to help keep you on course. I’ve searched high and low for some of the best tips and tricks that other dieters swear by, and they are listed below for you: 21 great tips for when you are on a diet.

Tip 1

Have a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and overeat. Having water before a meal will stop you from overeating.

Tip 2

Don’t put food in temptation’s path. The best advice is to just not keep bad food in your house, so that you won’t be tempted, but if you really have to keep food for other family members then keep it in a high cupboard that’s only accessible by a chair or footstool.

Tip 3

If you tend to keep food in the center of the table for people to help themselves during a meal, then load yours up at the start with how much you plan to eat, and don’t go for seconds. It will stop you over eating and underestimating your portions.

Tip 4

Exercise is a great stress reliever. So the next time you are stressed, go for a ten minute walk instead of reaching for the cookie jar.

Tip 5

Always eat breakfast. It will kick start your metabolism for the day.

Tip 6

Avoid processed food. If you can eat as much of your diet as close to the original food source as possible, then you won’t have to worry about calorie counting.

Tip 7

Eat plenty of fiber. It's great for your health and it will fill you up.

Tip 8

Plan out your meals in advance. Every Sunday, plan out your week’s meals and your shopping list. It sounds boring, but it is very effective. And a little bonus is that you’ll save yourself time and money if you do this.

"If you love an exercise, it will love you back"

Tip 9

Find an exercise that you love. If you love an exercise, it will love you back. It is far easier to commit yourself to something you enjoy, and then weight loss will simply become a fantastic side effect of your new hobby.


Tip 10

If you are going to be out for the day, take some fruit and nuts with you to snack on for when you are hungry, to avoid the urge to buy unhealthy snacks on the go.

Tip 11

Do some high-intensity exercise before a large meal, as it will give you an energy boost, it will release endorphins and it will curb your appetite, meaning you are less likely to overeat.

Tip 12

Get a diet buddy. They will keep you on track and motivated when you are struggling, and it’s fun to embark on something like this with a friend.

Tip 13

Plan out some mini rewards. Too many dieters focus on the long-term end goal of losing all their excess weight, but there is a lot of time and willpower to get through before you reach that point. So planning out some small rewards every few weeks will keep you motivated. Remember that your rewards shouldn’t be food related.

"Throw out your fat mindset and throw out your fat clothes"

Tip 14

Throw out your fat mindset and throw out your fat clothes. If you are serious about weight loss, you need to stop thinking like a fat person and thinking like a skinny person. So once you’ve dropped a dress size, throw out your bigger clothes.


Tip 15

Fill up on vegetables. Many people find the idea of diets unappetizing because they believe they will be faced with tiny food portions that leave them wanting more. Avoid this by filling your plate with plenty of vegetables.

Tip 16

Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. If you slip on your diet, it isn’t a big deal. Don’t think of it is failing but just accept it, move on and carry on where you were. Many dieters are perfectionists, because they feel such an overwhelming sense of failure when they eat something bad that they become self-destructive and end up going on a food binge.

Tip 17

Write some mantras to keep you focused and committed. For example, one of my favorite is: everybody has willpower, and the more you exercise it, the strong it gets.

Tip 18

Read some success stories that will keep you motivated and remind you that weight loss is possible.

Tip 19

Think about the health benefits of your weight loss. It will keep you motivated far better than a drop in the number you see on the scales.

Tip 20

Don’t eat late at night, because that’s when it will turn into fat.

Tip 21

Try and get out of the habit of eating in front of the TV. That’s a common place for ‘mindless’ eating and you will eat far more than you intended to. Either watch TV or eat, but never both.

Now your turn: do you have any great tips to add?

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