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21 Amazing Facts you Need to know about Sleep

Updated on April 27, 2016


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Important Facts about Sleep

There is no human being on this earth who can say that he does not sleep. Sleep is normal and very important for us humans, as it helps to rest the body after a very active day. If you deny yourself of sleep, then you are doing your body a very big disfavor. There are very important benefits of sleep that you might not be aware of, also there are some facts of sleep that you might also not be aware of, however, in this piece, and we would be looking at some important facts about sleep.

1. Your brain needs sleep in order to function properly. The brain needs sleep in order to perform its functions vigorously. According to research, the brain performs more activities when we are asleep than when we are awake. Most people have the notion that when we are asleep the brain relaxes, but the fact is it performs more activities when we are asleep than we think. According to the cosmopolitan, director of sleep disorders of the UCLA’s sleep disorders center says that no one really understands why a sleeping mind is active.

2. We spend about one third of our life sleeping (Source; Huffintonpost). It is really amazing, perhaps you have not thought about this fact, but it really is a fact about sleep, thus we have 24 hours a day and we spend 8 hours sleeping, that is one third of the day, hence in our whole life, we would spend an equal ratio of hours we sleep a day.

3. You are most likely to die from sleep deprivation more than if you deprived yourself off food. What this means is that you would die rather from sleep deprivation if you deprived yourself from both food and sleep.

4. The longest recorded time for sleep deprivation is currently at 11 days.

5. The longest sleeping mammals are the Koalas who sleep for about 22 hours a day.

6. According to research, you forget majority of all your dreams within ten minutes after waking up.

7. Individuals who are blind from birth also dream. Yes they dream about smells, touch, emotions and sense of touch.

8. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that prevents an individual from sleeping.

9. Sleep walking is another sleep disorder which is called parasomnia, which is characterized by unusual behavior such as unconscious movements when asleep.

10. According to researchers, your mind can make amazing discoveries whiles you are asleep.

11. When you are asleep all your body’s individual cells get repaired, that is why when you do not get sufficient sleep your body feels like you have just received a serious beating.

12. You wake up between 5 to 15 times when asleep, but this awakens are so brief that you tend not to remember them.

13. You forget irrelevant information; when you are awake your mind picks up a lot of information all day long, however, when we are asleep, the brain does what is called cleansing, thus sorting and deleting as it sorts relevant information from irrelevant ones and deletes those it considers as irrelevant. (Source; Cosmopolitan).

14. When asleep, the body experiences jerk, which is referred to as hypnagogic jerk, which involves muscles suddenly twitching which sometimes makes you feel like you are falling.

15. When you sleep your muscles become paralyzed, thus preventing you from voluntary actions and movements.

16. Rapid eye movement (REM); this is the process whereby the eye balls move rapidly under the eyelid when you are asleep and this process last for a period of about 20 minutes.

17. The fear of falling asleep is called Somniphobia (Source; List25).

18. According to research when we sleep, saliva flow to the mouth is limited, that is why we have dry mouth during sleep, which gives us bad breath when we wake up. (Source; Body and Soul).

19. Improper sleep weakens the body’s immune system, thus exposing your body to viruses that cause flu and cold.

20. Our core body temperature drops moments before we go to sleep. This process enables us to have a sound sleep.

21. People who sleep between 7-8 hours a day have lower chances of getting heart attack (Source; Body and Soul).

The above 21 amazing facts about sleep would help elaborate some important facts about sleep that most of you crave to know.

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