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Quit Smoking - The E-Cig Way

Updated on July 3, 2014

Smoking is a bad habit to break. Key word, "habit." Some people think it is impossible to quit and others just say, "I can quit whenever I want, I just don't want to." The truth is, it's like brushing your teeth or applying deodorant. It's an every day multiple time occurence. Unfortunately, once the habit starts, it is tough to break. The toughest cigarettes to stop (which most smokers will agree); first one in the morning, right after eating, and while drinking alcohol. For some unknown reason it's like an ectasy for your body during these times, but even still - it's time to hang it up.

Of course there are many health risks in smoking and plenty other reasons to quit, so why don't you try? I have tried multiple times and have failed until a couple months ago. Cold Turkey was always the way I thought I would go, but as it turns out I needed help. You have the patch, gum, meds, etc, which none helped. Cold Turkey wasn't my cup of tea either since I would get very irritable really quick. Most of the time you just need to have something to take the edge off. So I invested a couple dollars into an e-cig. It sucked; at least at first after smoking real cigarettes for way too long,

Electronic Cigarettes: Keeping the habit with a safer alternative.

E-cigs are becoming more popular, but not for the sake of being able to smoke indoors. They are an aide to help quit smoking. They range from disposables, to highly expensive recharge/refill ones. Many products are available and it really comes down to personal preference.

Going electronic cigarettes helps maintain your nicotine intake beginning at normal intake of a cigarette then reducing it in time to zero while still maintaining the illusion to your self of smoking and polluting your lungs with tobacco smoke or in other words; keeping your habits in tact with a safer alternative.

Personal Rendition of the first 24 hours of trying Cold Turkey - I don't recommend it.

So I decided to quit smoking for the second time. The first time I quit was for a year which was easy, but this time around is a tad bit worse. I understand it is a mind game, habit forming, addiction, or whatever the excuse is people use. My whole thought is, Cold Turkey, is the only way you should quit. After the seventy-two hour window, it is all in your head. Thankfully my wife and I do not allow smoking in the house, so this shouldn’t be that awful. However, I have to work and my job isn’t the greatest. I have people yelling at me all day and my co-workers aren’t the brightest.

Some things I do know are that nicotine and other chemicals are usually out of your body within 72 hours of your last cigarette and blood flow and circulation is regained. I know all the positives and negatives that a quitter will go through, but it needs to be done. I already began the workout routine a couple weeks ago, so I have to keep trying to get healthier.

I am taking the steps to take it one day at a time – or at least hour by hour. My last cigarette was at 9:55pm on Monday, 6/18/2012. Shortly after that I went to bed. The first hour in the new day will begin my quit time.

Let’s see how I do on my 24 hour cold turkey journey…

Hour 1: (4:45am 6/19) The cat wakes me up by walking on my head; now the dog licks my face and says, “I need to go potty.” I walk outside and don’t feel too bad. It’s chilly and wet – I don’t need my morning cigarette (I say to myself).

Hour 2: (6:00am) My coffee tastes good, but would be better if I had a cigarette with it. Thankfully I don’t have any in the house.

Hour 3: (7:00am) On my way into work. I love cigs when I am driving; it is a good way to pass time. Instead I daydreamed most of the way to work. Not so safe, but another hour down without a cig.

Hour 4: (8:15am) Co-workers are already bothering me. “How can you be so stupid?” “Make a decision and stick to it.” “Do you really need to know what I brought in for lunch?” – Hold it together. I just threw my mouse at the wall to my cubicle. Now I feel much better.

Hour 6: (10:00am) First break. Oops, I forgot. – Yippee. Wait, chips, Mmmm. Thankfully I don’t have a lighter, cigarettes, or someone to bum….wait; I can ask her to bum….NO.

Hour 7: (11:00am) Work is going so slow. I could use a cigarette.

Hour 9: (1:00pm) During lunch I think I used the “F” word about 50 times talking to coworkers. I think after work I am buying a pack. I just don’t feel myself. I just feel more miserable than normal. There aren’t many smiles today out of me.

Hour 10: (2:30pm) Meetings are for pricks that don’t want to work

The longest time I have gone without smoking was...

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Hour 11: (3:45pm) It’s amazing to me that the same people keep talking and then they complain afterwards that the meeting went on too long.

Hour: (5:00pm) – At least it’s time to go home. I don’t think I can comprehend anything more to survive the day. I’m going home to the wife and pets. – The barking, annoying pets. They won’t leave me alone for more than a minute.

Hour: (Somewhere in between 5 and 7pm) If you want to know the hour marker, add it yourself.

Hour: (7:00pm) – Dinner was good, but an after dinner mint would have been just as good. Oh well, I guess there is something better than an after meal cigarette, like chocolate.

Hour: (8:00pm) Shows

Hour: (8:00pm -9:30pm) A couple naps; in and out of consciencenous

Hour: (9:30pm) Shows

Hour: (10:00pm) Bedtime – Goodnight cruel world for inventing a nice addictive nicotine and then wanting people to quit due to health risk.

Hour 25: (5:30am) – That was a good sleep.

Hour 25: (5:35am) – Let’s go dog. I begin to walk outside, grab at the counter for my wife’s pack, go outside with the dog and spark the lighter. I will start again tomorrow, I say to myself.

Quitting is definitely my arch nemesis right now. I would say that it’s my one bad habit that I shouldn’t be doing. However, the alcohol isn’t here so why can’t I have one bad habit? Well, I don’t want to put more stress on my heart than I already do. My dad passed when he was young of heart failure and I do not want that happening to me.

Here is to getting rid of your bad habits. – At least try and try again…

Besides, this video alone grosses me out and gives me many reasons to quit. Good-bye smoking.


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    • mtkomori profile image

      mtkomori 5 years ago from Yokohama, Japan

      This was a very humorous episode of your 24 hour journey. I enjoyed reading it very much. Good luck on your future attempts to quit smoking!

    • KevinC9998 profile image

      KevinC9998 5 years ago

      wow, that video was awesome. Voted up and awesome. Thanks. Kevin