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25 Foods and Beverages under 150 Calories

Updated on March 14, 2015

25 Foods and Beverages under 150 Calories

Here’s a list of foods and drinks you can consume all for 150 calories and below. You won’t have to keep clicking an arrow to the next page and the next 25 times to see these (one of my pet peeves I can’t stand to do when I view a list online.) I have them all listed on the same page which makes it tons easier to view. To help you understand how to lose weight. Please refer to my previous article. You can see that eating an extra 3500 calories in a week is adding a pound of weight to your body (4 pounds you will gain in just a month=48 pounds extra a year). Eating an extra 3500 calories in a month is adding a pound a month which is 12 pounds a year! The list below will help you get more bang for your buck and you will notice that the fruits and vegetables on this list can be consumed in higher amounts due to its’ low caloric features while getting the best nutrients.

Here are the 25 Foods and Beverages under 150 Calories

  1. 2 calories for cup of brewed coffee (black coffee has a lot less calories as you can see, it’s when we add those tasty condiments to them the calories then rise.
  2. 10 calories for 5 stalks of celery (5 inch stalks)-and a tablespoon of peanut butter added is an additional 94 calories to this (not bad for a satiating snack)
  3. 17 calories in 1 teaspoon of sugar (I want you to calculate just how much sugar you are consuming –read labels-it’s not just what you physically are adding in your food. I show you how to do this formula on the other article I’ve written, you’d be amaze how fast your weight would drop once you drop sugar out of your diet.) Read this link for the info-click :
  4. 45 calories in 1 small orange ( this is a great office energy snack plus add 1 Medjool date at 66 calories and your mid-morning hunger pangs will dissipate plus you’re still under 150 calories)
  5. 50 calories for cup of coffee with cream and sugar
  6. 60 calories in 8oz glass of almond milk
  7. 65 calories in 5 saltine crackers
  8. 70 calories for average low fat mozzarella string cheese
  9. 78 calories in hard-boiled egg
  10. 75 calories in ½ cup of can tomato soup (eat with the 5 saltine crackers and you are still under 150 calories)
  11. 84 calories in ½ ounce of dark chocolate (drink the almond milk with this. It is very satisfying plus holds you over and you still are under 150 calories.)
  12. 90 calories in a 4oz glass of champagne–(add ½ cup fresh squeeze orange juice and you have a mimosa which is at 150 calories.)
  13. 95 calories in buttermilk home-style waffle (I love to make this delicious snack version of an ice cream sandwich. Just toast the waffle and slice in half. Now add 1/3 cup of frozen vanilla Greek yogurt (55 calories) that you froze in the freezer on one side of waffle and put the other on top like a sandwich and you have a yummy version of an ice cream sandwich plus you are at 150 calories!)
  14. 100 calories in medium sweet baked potato
  15. 103 calories in a medium pear
  16. 105 calories in medium size banana
  17. 120 calories for 19 rice chips with sea salt
  18. 120 calories in 5 0z serving of white wine (notice this has only 5 calories less than the red wine)
  19. 120 calories in a whole wheat English muffin
  20. 125 calories in 5oz serving of red wine
  21. 140 calories in ½ of an avocado
  22. 145 calories for 1 medium apple and 1 even tablespoon of natural peanut better
  23. 148 calories for 40 pistachios (out of the shell-raw)
  24. 150 calories in can of beer (if you drink a 6 pack in a week that’s an additional 900 calories you are adding to your weekly intake which equals 3600 in a month and there’s your pound!)
  25. 150 calories in ½ cup of oatmeal cooked old fashioned oats

Do you count your calories daily?

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Should I calorie count my meals?

While I don’t advocate obsessive calorie counting, I do promote being aware of the quantity and quality of your food intake. I also highly encourage you to get into the habit of reading labels so you can control what goes into your body. Keeping a food journal is not to count calories but for you to see just how much food you are consuming daily. It also lets you view how much healthy food you are putting in your body. You can’t go wrong in the produce department when you are hungry. Try to pinpoint foods not on this list that you eat which are of calorie dense foods but have little nutritional value plus they won’t satiate you. It really will help you to see a list of smaller portion foods you can eat as snacks for an energy surge and it really prevents you not to overeat at meal times. Many of us are unaware just how much drinking alcoholic beverages can add to our weight issues, so it’s good to visualize our intake of this.


Please note that I am not a medical doctor so I cannot offer medical advice nor diagnose or cure, please always consult your physician when in question. However I’m happy to offer you suggestions for possible enhancements to your health per my research and what I have learned as a Health Coach. I want to educate you the best possible way so you can be equipped with superlative information and make healthy decisions for yourself as you see fit, for this is my sole purpose.


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    • Organic Susana profile imageAUTHOR

      Susana Danielle 

      3 years ago from Newark, DE

      Thank you kindly Beatris for taking time to comment! Look forward to continue writing health related articles and just making people aware of how to take good care of themselves. If you get a chance take a look at my other articles and if you see something you'd like me to write about please feel free to share that with me. Have a Happy and Healthy Day!

    • profile image

      Beatris Nikouleskou 

      3 years ago

      Interesting !


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