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28 Ways to Increase Your Lifespan, According to Science

Updated on July 29, 2020
drfreddabranyon profile image

Fredda Branyon has dedicated her life to the advancement of complementary medicine.

Although scientists haven't discovered the fountain of youth nor a machine that helps eliminate age-related health problems, making certain lifestyle changes may play a role in helping us live longer and happier lives.

According to health and lifestyle advice backed by various scientific and government studies, here are some ways to increase your life expectancy:

  • Taking vitamin D along with calcium supplements.

  • Limiting your usage of analgesics (painkillers). Naproxen and ibuprofen found in Advil and other painkillers may cause heart problems.

  • Aiming for seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

  • Having an active sex life.

  • Having another cup of coffee.

  • Eating frozen produce and microwavable goods is fine every once in a while, but choose fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat as much as possible.

  • Drinking green tea at least three times a week.

  • Avoiding sugar since it elevates blood sugar levels and may cause heart problems down the road.

  • Eating more whole grains, which may reduce mortality rates by 7 percent per serving.

  • Spicing up your life and improving your cardiovascular health with hot chili peppers.

  • Drinking whole milk to lower the chances of having diabetes.

  • Drinking enough water. The Mayo Clinic recommends about 15.5 cups of water for men, and about 11.5 cups of water a day for women. If the color of your urine is dark, then you may not be drinking enough fluids throughout the day.

  • Keeping your hands and cooking utensils clean, especially when preparing raw poultry, to avoid food poisoning.

  • Limiting your consumption of deep-fried food.

  • Fueling your body like the Greeks do with nutritious fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil, and nuts.

  • Drinking less alcohol since it causes many life-threatening diseases, including cancer of the liver, mouth, throat, esophagus, colon, and breast.

  • Going on more vacations and viewing incredible destinations, such as the Grand Canyon.

  • Making goals and finding your purpose in life.

  • Living on mountains with higher altitudes, which may lower the risk of dying from heart disease at an early age.

  • Embracing your faith, if you believe in religion, and attending services once a week.

  • Being a parent to a four-legged bundle of joy. Having a dog is associated with a 21 percent lower risk of premature death in people with heart disease.

  • Watching comedy series or movies to reduce stress and boost your immune system.

  • Maintaining an active social life, as loneliness increases the risk of premature death by 30 percent.

  • Babysitting your grandchildren.

  • Getting 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise every week.

  • Get rid of household items that may cause you to trip and fall down, such as rugs and carpets. According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide.

  • Driving less after turning 70, as more accidents happen at that age.

  • Declaring peace with family members or friends you've feuded with.

It's important to understand that even if you follow these science-backed tips (with you and your doctor's combined agreement), genetics still account for 25 percent of the variation in human life span. Therefore, if you have a family history of life-threatening diseases, including cancer and cancer-causing genetic disorders, then it's crucial to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle to reduce your chances of dying at an early age. And, last but not least, one of the best ways to prolong your life is to monitor your health by making frequent trips to the doctor's office.


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