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NonDrug Tips to Lower Female pH for Getting Pregnant with a Girl

Updated on November 14, 2017

Lowering your female pH before making love helps boost chances of getting pregnant with a girl naturally. Female pH is the level of how alkaline or acidic the vaginal environment is. A low female pH means acidic, and you need to reduce pH to 3.8 or below to make it more favorable for the sperms that produce baby girls There are several ways to do it. And because it says natural, it means no medication is required.

  1. Vinegar Douching. Vinegar has high acid content. You can Instantly lower your female pH by douching with vinegar. You can buy ready-made vinegar douche from a local drug store, or prepare one at home by mixing apple cider vinegar with warm water. Do it before making love on your ovulation day. Regular douching with vinegar is not advised as it can disrupt your normal pH.
  2. Acidic Diet. Foods can affect female pH level when they enter the body. Eating high acid foods can lower pH. Avoid foods that start as alkaline and then become acidic when metabolized. Most fruits and vegetables have this tendency. When trying to get pregnant with a girl, look for foods that have an acidifying effect on the body. And remember to do it during your ovulation period only. High acidity is not good for health. Switch back to a balanced diet on your normal days.
  3. No to Finishing. This cannot really lower female pH. But when a woman "gets there", she releases hormones that neutralizes acid. Make a little sacrifice by letting your man have all the fun. It will also help to take on shallow positions to allow more control of how the "union" will end, and raise the odds of having a baby girl.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Low body pH is not good for your overall health. Thus, it is recommended that you try to lower your pH level only during ovulation. Monitor your ovulation to know the perfect date to carry out your baby-girl-making plan. Learn how to do it here. Resume healthy habits right after a positive PT.

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