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3 Exercises To Build A Complete Six Pack

Updated on December 18, 2012

If you've got every abs contraption under the sun and completing a 1000 sit ups a day then stop! Getting a six pack doesn't have to be difficult. Performing crunches won't get you a complete six pack as this movement targets the upper abs. You need to be targetting the lower abs to get a complete washboard. The abdominal area also has the ability to accumulate large volumes of fat. You'll be wrong in thinking Abdominal exercise will strip this fat away. Your diet and cardio are the only way you're going to get rid of your blubber. Tweakig your diet to speed up your metabolism and performing cardio will melt away the fat. Keep your cardio workouts fun, join a club, go dancing, do zumba, go swimming, take your kids to play football. Cardio doesn't mean treadmill. Eat little and often to keep you metabolism firing all day. So if you're already doing the fat burning task and you want to get a complete six pack, heres 3 lower ab exercises.

Leg Raises - Lay down keeping your hands by your sides and raise your legs straight up. Do this movement slowly, there is no benefit doing this exercise fast as you'll be using momentum to do the exercise. Once your legs are vertical hold the contraction in your abs and slowly lower your legs back down but make sure not to let your feet touch the gorund. Performing this exercise slowly and keeping the contraction throught will mean your rep range will be low and you're fully working your lower abs. Don't be surprised if you can't do ten and your body shakes : ).

Knee raises - Lying down with your knees bent, keeping your arms to the side, raise your knees and perform a crunch with your upper body keeping your arms at the side throughout. Make sure you get full contraction when you get to the end of your crunch. Perform this slowly, you can rest on the way down. Variation to this is add twists with your upper body with your finger tips lightly touching your head or with your legs at a 45 degree angle.

Reverse crunches - This uses the motion of both of the above exercises but gives you a real crunch. Laying down with your knees bent and your fingertips lightly touching the side of your head bring your knees to your chest and raise your upper body. You can perform this exercise slightly quicker do not let your feet touch the ground through the rest of your rep range.

Thes 3 exercises target those illusive lower abs. Don't be suprised if you struggle to do these at first. keep your sets to about 4 per exercises and your rep range will be determined by how developed your lower abs are. As you start to be able to do more reps and resitance with bungees and ankle weights. The key is to do these moves with correct form and contracting the abs throughout. Remeber to also keep a healthy diet and supplement for muscle repair.


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    • phildazz profile image

      Allan Philip 4 years ago from Toronto

      So impressed that I bookmarked your Hub. I need to work on my lower abdominal muscles. Thanks for the correct exercises to accomplish just that.