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Make A Great Life By Great Moments

Updated on April 3, 2016

Great Moments Make A Great Life

What’s so special about a moment anyways? What exactly is a moment? Moments make up time. Time is built out of moments. And time, as we all know, becomes days, weeks, years, lifetimes. So lifetimes are built from moments, moments are the building blocks of lifetimes, the atoms if you will. If you construct the your life out of great “atoms” then you will have a great life. Great moments equals great life, or simply stated, a great moment becomes a great life.


Treat moments how they should be, special and important. I film myself every single time I go on stage to perform and I truly don't realize the significance of the moments I have created until I go back and watch them and catch the small details that made the moment so magical. So, I don’t really notice when I’m performing, the importance of these moments until I go back and watch what I have captured on camera. Cameras show us the importance of these moments and how magical life truly is, thank God for cameras. Grab your moments like a camera would and use them to create an amazing life.


Focus on keeping your thoughts (energy) in the present moment and train by meditation. It may seem like nothing is happening when you sit to meditate but plenty is happening, you are strengthening your sense of concentration and focus. Like working out with weights, you don’t really see the immediate results but cumulatively they add up to a whole lot. Anything you do no matter how insignificant at the time will become very significant over time, this is the power that time can have if you work with it. Time goes by whether you do something or not, so don’t let laziness or fear stifle you into having a mediocre life, fear fears action. Face your fears head on and take the action that you fear and you’ll see that the fear dissolves and was only in your mind. We can’t really see what it is that we fear exactly, fear is more like these made up shadowy feelings in the back of our minds that keep us from taking action. The more courage you have the more amazing and spectacular your life will be. I face fear every time I’m getting ready to go on stage to perform, but then it disappears the minute I do, transmuting into creative and physical energy. Keep your attention in the present moment to help you function with the most efficiency so you can tackle your fears with more power.


It's about creating good habits, how you eat, how much you exercise, how much electronics you watch. You can get yourself into any habit you want, good or bad, just by doing it. If you eat whatever you want, buy whatever you want, and watch as much tv as you want you will end up unhealthy, broke, and stuck working at a job you don’t like for the rest of your life. It's easy to put off things and to not chase your dream or follow your bliss. It's easy to just grab the remote, run from fear, and tune out of life while choking your spirit's fire out with distraction and letting your precious moments slip away. What kind of life would that be to just sit in front of your tv set all day and night? How do you think you would feel at the end of your life if all you did was watch tv or stare at your computer screen? Regretful and empty I’d be willing to bet. The way I see it, the more time spent staring at electronics the more miserable and empty your life will become. It's okay, like junk food, to indulge in it once in awhile but keep the balance and do something with your life. Good habits turn into a good life.


I never would have imagined in my late 20’s that I would quit my corporate engineering job that paid so well to become a comedian and inspirational speaker in my late 30’s. But, if I just sat and watched tv for the past 10 years of my life instead of getting up on stage over and over, despite “bombing” and “failing” relentlessly, I would not have accomplished anything. Watching TV is passive living and accomplishes nothing but regret and guilt over time. Get out there and live your life actively and give to it all you can. One day you’ll be old and feeble, sitting in a chair quietly facing a window, thinking about what you did with your life. And you’ll either be sadly regretting all the time you wasted doing nothing or contently smiling at all the dreams you chased and all the wonderful things you achieved in your life.

Life is much more magical than we think and if we can rid our minds of all this needless worry and mental fear-based chatter we’ll see and appreciate this magic that is constantly appearing right in front of our eyes. Go out there and do what it is that makes your spirit fly, do it now before it's too late. I wish all of you true wisdom and the courage to pursue the things that ignite your spirit. I’ll leave you now with this one question; What are you doing with your moments?


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