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3 Pieces of Gym Equipment You Should Be Using

Updated on April 27, 2015

Over the last few years with lifters integrating different styles in their training, it has changed people’s perception of fitness. Bodybuilders, athletes and strength trainers are starting to utilize each others methods. You may have seen some new pieces of equipment come into your gym, now it is time to give these pieces of equipment a chance and bring your workouts to a new level


With this one piece of equipment, you can create a complete and satisfying workout. Their flexible, adjustable straps allow you to move your body into different positions, the TRX enabling you to hit all parts of your upper body. This is why a lot of gyms have begun to install TRX stations, they bring benefits to people no matter what their fitness level is.

For the beginner, this is a great start to a muscles building program. Before even touching a weight, you can start doing simple exercises using just your own body weight. You can gain a base level of strength and understanding of workout regiments before getting into heavier training.

For the more advanced, it brings a challenge that other pieces of fitness equipment cannot provide. The TRX requires you to stabilize your body and engage your core. This can make any normal exercise, like the pushup or bicep curl, bring a new challenge which will help you in building more strength and size while improving your overall balance and endurance.

The TRX is also great for the person that has a tough time getting to gym on a regular basis. This light and portable piece of equipment can be used for the home or for someone that travels a lot and wants to keep a fit lifestyle

Foam Roller

The cylinder piece of foam that you may have pretended is a sword or a golf club (please say I’m not alone) is actually a very important piece of equipment for your recovery.

Recovery is a very important part of the muscle building and the foam roller provides that with aiding in the myofascial release. Myofascial release is the breaking down of soft tissue to help improve blood flow and aid in faster muscle recovery. Using the foam roller has been shown it will help improve your flexibility and range motion enabling you have better workouts. It can help you with shorter recovery time which may help you work harder. It can also prevent injuries and keeps you on your path to your fitness goals.

To use this properly, slowly roll over the length of your back, quadriceps, hamstring, and calves before and after a workout to achieve optimal results.

Power Sled

The power sled is one the best pieces of equipment, it helps you shed fat and gain muscles. It is great way to help engage all parts of your body while also getting an aerobic exercise.

The sled helps you break out of the boredom of your routine while still using the same muscles you would in a normal workout. You can use heavier weights and push and pull the sled to help build overall power and strength. If you want to try a new cardio workout, you can have lighter resistance and sprint with the sled by either pushing or pulling it behind you. Attaching grips to the sled can help get a complete workout. The grips can be used to do exercises like bicep curls and chest press, it will engage your entire body while just use one piece of equipment.

The sled is something that can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. From the 16 year old high school athlete to the 60 year grandparent. This piece of equipment is safe and effective to use because you are in control of the tempo.


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