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3 Popular Fad Diets

Updated on February 25, 2013

If your looking for a quick way to lose 5-10 pounds one of these very popular fad diet plans might just do the trick. A multitude of people have had ample success with losing stubborn weight using one of these notable methods. Of course before starting any diet one should consult, and seek medical advice from a medical professional.

Juice Fast or Juice Detox Diet

This diet cleanses and rids your body of toxins over a short amount time, resulting in weight loss. There are many different variations of this diet, but its it is typically done for 3 days and can be done for up to 5. If going beyond 5 days it is highly recommend that you consult a professional physician.

Okay, so on this diet you can only drink raw fruit and vegetable juices, and water. The fruit and vegetables juices help the body flush out toxins and shed excess weight. Most of the weight lost is water weight and the results may be short lived. If combine with light - moderate exercises and then followed by a healthy diet upon completion of the Juice Fast your results just might last you.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

This is a low fat, high fiber diet which, alleges that the dieter can lose up to 10 pounds in just 7 days.

Their are many variations of this diet, the basis of which is to eat a particular type of homemade cabbage soup for seven days in balance with other fruits and vegetables. At least for cups of water and a multi-vitamin daily is also part of the diet.

This is a very restricted diet and should only be done for 7 days, with 2 weeks in between each dieting session.

The Water Diet

This is a very straight forward fad diet that merely involves drinking extra water. On The water diet you dink 8 cups(64 fluid ounces) of cold water, which is drunk at intervals throughout the course of day.

Before each meal and snack drink a glass of water. This works as an apatite suppression causing you to feel fuller, and over all eat less. The Water being cold is an important part of this diet. Your body burns extra calories heating up the cold water to body temperature, the colder the water the more calories get burned. Be prepared for an increase in the mount of time you spend in the bathroom. It is recommended that a daily multivitamin is take to replace any nutrients lost through the excess urination,

This is a really successful diet, that is easy to stick with, can be done over a long period of time.


Unless followed with a proper diet and exercise, the results of the diets will be short lived.

The best weight loss comes from a balanced diet, exercise and water is always good. The key to weight loss is burning more calories then you take in, but it should be done in a way that is healthy and long term.

Fad diets can harm your body when done in excess, so please take the time to contact a health professional before making any drastic changes to your diet.


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    • Masata profile image

      Derrick Houston 4 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thank u much laddy

    • LaurenBrownie profile image

      LaurenBrownie 4 years ago

      Sure I have several tips on how to gain healthy weight and also gain muscle. I'll be posting a hub about it with in the next few days. Thanks for reading

    • Masata profile image

      Derrick Houston 4 years ago from Philadelphia

      great hub do you have any on weight gain tips ans techniques? Please explain in full detail if you can could you write a hub about it also thanks and happy writing.