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3 Shocking fat loss exercises to get rid of love handles fast - No boring cardio workouts or hundreds of sit-ups.

Updated on June 15, 2011

Exercise tips to get rid of love handles!

Many people still believe that exercises like ab crunches and traditional sit-ups are the best exercises to get rid of love handles and they spend hours every week performing without seeing any tangible results. In fact ab-specific exercises like crunches are the "least effective" to get rid of love handles and can be a harmful to your back.

If you already tried to figure out what are the best exercises for love handles but become a familiar with ab crunches, you may already have a nice set of abdominal muscles under the fat layer. You will need to have a specific type of exercises for love handles to help produce a greater metabolic response. We are not talking about doing endless repetitions of crunches everyday...

Ab crunches is not the answer!

What you really need to do is to focus on burning off the excess body fat that we call "love handless" by doing an intensive weight training using multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, dips, clean & presses, lunges, snatches and high intensity interval cardio workout instead of  low intensity aerobics.

Full body workouts will create a greater hormonal response and you will burn fat 1-2 following the workout. In other words your resting metabolic rate remains elevated for days. So that means you will burn fat even while you watch TV. Low to moderate intensity aerobic workout with a steady pace is advisable only for men and women who wants to improve their vital capacity and prevent health problems.

Intensive strength training workout together with moderate to high intensity cardio is the most effective exercise to get rid of love handles. Working several muscles simultaneously, you will your body will do more work and stimulate a greater release of fat burning and muscle building hormones, and that way you will burn far more body fat.

Below are my TOP 3 exercises to get rid of love handles.

These exercises are "unusual" and rarely seen at the gym but still very effective. If you are looking for fastest way to lose body fat around your waist, forget the endless sets of boring crunches and stick to these exercises.

1. One arm dumbbell snatches

Execution: Hold a dumbbell in one arm positioned in the middle of your stance and go in the deadlift position. Keep other arm behind your lower back. Swing the weight explosively all the way over your head. Bring the weight back to the floor and immediately swing the weight again.

Exercise Tips: Keep your entire body tight during the movement. Slightly bent your working arm, do not lock it straight. Keep your eyes fixed straight ahead while going up and down. This movement works a large amount of muscle and makes you perform such a large quantity of work. This is  a really effective exercises to get rid of love handles when done correctly.

2. Renegade dumbbell rows

Execution: Go into the pushup position with  a dumbbell in each hand. Start by rowing your right arm up to your side near to your hip area. Stabilize the movement with your left arm and keep it tight. Return the right arm back to the starting position and at the same time start rowing with your left arm.

Exercise Tips: Keep your straight arm rock solid by imagining pressing it into the ground. Keep your upper body tight during the movement. This exercise gives you an amazing tension to your midsection of the body. This takes time to learn.

3. Floor mountain climbers

Execution: Position yourself in a pushup position again but with your arms straight. Quickly bring one leg in so as close as possible under your chest, then quickly pop it back out bring your other leg in. Imagine yourself by climbing a mountain.

Exercise Tips: To make this movement more challenging, move your arms up and back approximately 12 inches way while simultaneously switching your legs. Another way to perform mountain climbers, is to bring both legs in under your chest while keeping your arms stationary.

The truth about permanent fat loss!

Getting rid of excess body fat is simpler that you can imagine of! Many people believe that getting rid of love handles is too annoying and complicated because of so many diet strategies and workout routines that are available everywhere.

Over 80% of information are carbage. They may work for a little period of time but as soon as you stop following the system, you will gain all the weight back, sometimes more! If you want to know the truth about healthy permanent fat loss, read my review of the top-notch & fully tested fat loss programs available on the internet by clicking here!


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    • profile image

      Angela Solis 4 years ago

      Well, Everytime I exercise just a little. I lose my breath. I can't just exercise without there being a problem. What do I do? I want to lose my lovehandles, but I lose breath instantly.