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3 Smart Tips to Wake Up Early

Updated on June 8, 2011

Having a hard time waking up early? Are you a happy and energetic person who works at home, but have a hard time waking up at the time you set? It was also hard for me in the beginning, and I am also a very happy person who loves the work I do. I set my alarm to 8am or 9am daily, only to wake up later.

Eventually I did some research and found some quick solutions to waking up early and energized for the day. Here are my 3 smart tips to waking up early.

  1. Set a time and be persistent for a week - Some reasons for this could be that you wake up late out of habit, and the only way to fix this is to be persistent and try to wake up at the same time every day. A week or so after, it will be easy to get up early.
  2. Change your alarm clock sound - Make sure your alarm sound in the morning will wake you up. You don't want a ringer in your alarm thats like ocean wave sounds, thats very relaxing, but not something that will want you to wake up. I usually play some very fast-paced song that will get me up and going to shut off my alarm.
  3. Make yourself walk a bit to switch alarm off - Make sure your alarm is somewhat far from your bed, so you have to get out of your bed and walking a few steps to turn it off. This gets your blood pumping a bit, and you feel waken up.

Hope these tips help! Let me know how you progress.


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