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3 Tested Tooth Pain Relief Methods

Updated on January 31, 2014

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Did you know: Cayenne pepper is known to have multiple health benefits like aiding in stopping a heartache?

THEAMERICANWRITER - May 17, 2012 | 22:53 CST

AUSTIN, Texas - Sleeping in a hotel room, I laid there to be awaken with pain in my mouth, extremely in need of tooth pain relief. Not only that but I had pain in my arms and fingers, along with a one-sided headache -- the left side of my temple to be exact.

Not sure what caused the pain and aches I was experiencing that morning, I went to Google to search for a remedy for tooth pain relief or gums treatment, or anything related to pain in my mouth. Out of all the different remedies I chose the ones with ingredients I had within my immediate reach: black pepper, salt and cayenne pepper.

What helped my aching arms and fingers? Well, I can't say I did much of anything for that. I just laid in bed after turning the heater on to 76 degrees. It got a little stuffy in the room, but seemed to put my aching bones at ease to some degree (no pun intended).

Cayenne Pepper Toothache Remedy

For my mouth pain I used a few things. First I tried the cayenne pepper powder for tooth pain relief. I couldn't tell if the pain was my tooth, gums or what. I just felt pain! I pulled out a napkin and poured about a half tablespoon of cayenne pepper onto it. I took my finger and wet it a little and rolled it around in the powder. Then I placed my finger in my mouth and applied the pepper to areas in my mouth that was experiencing pain. I have to say that the pain appeared to go away by the "hotness" of the pepper. But really what seemed to happen was the hotness of the cayenne pepper powder only seemed to mask the pain. It was more of a burning sensation, that of a pepper. But I could still slightly feel the pain I originally was feeling. Between the two, I preferred the burning sensation of the pepper over the pain I was originally feeling. In other words, I could handle that. So the cayenne pepper slightly helped reduce or mask the pain. When it wore off in less than an hour, I decided to try something else to help deal with this pain. I wasn't going to continously apply the cayenne every time it wore off.

Tooth Pain Relief with Black Pepper and Sea Salt

Then I turned to a remedy that required black pepper and sea salt. I poured these two in a zip lock bag and shook it up to get it mixed. I wet my finger and applied the mixture in the same way I did the cayenne. There was a slight burning sensation not nearly as much as the cayenne, of course. It was comfortable enough to lay down and go to sleep. I was able to rest and when I woke a few hours later, I felt very little pain at all. So this method was even more effective than the last to giving some level of gum and/or tooth pain relief. But the pain did come back just not as painful.

Baking Soda and Sea Salt Gums Treatment

So I did a Google search again and came across a baking soda and sea salt method. I know jumping from one method to the next, but I was in search for a hurting teeth and gums treatment that would last. After all the Aleve and Bayer drug hadn't worked weeks before. By this time in the day, the store right next door (very convenient) was opened. So I went to see if they had any baking soda and they did. I bought a small box of baking soda for 99 cents. I returned to my hotel room and poured some baking soda and sea salt into a different ziplock bag. I shook it up and applied in the same way I did the two sore gums and/or tooth pain relief methods above. It had a slight cool-sensation, but not cold. I noticed the pain starting to reduce almost instantly, but it didn't last for longer than 10 minutes. This method I read, said to leave for 15 minutes and then rinse.

Conclusion of Toothache Remedy Tests

My mouth is currently experiencing some level of pain, not as much as before though. So that's good. I think all methods are effective for gum and tooth pain relief for a certain amount of time before the pain comes back to make your day miserable. The one method out of the three above that provided the longest amount of relief was the black pepper and sea salt mixture gums treatment. Then the cayenne pepper powder method comes in second and lastly the baking soda and sea salt mixture.

For almost instant relief with a cooling effect, baking soda and sea salt mixture is good. However, it's very short lived, so you may find yourself needing to apply it more frequently than the other two methods.

As far as my headache, when I totally eliminate the pain in my mouth, my headache will go away since they seem to be directly connected to the other. It really feels like my bones ache in my mouth; like along my jaw line. And I can't seem to reach the pain so I applied these three treatments to my gums/teeth thinking the ingredients would reach my jawbone. Nevertheless, there is no one size fits all. So these methods may or may not work for you as they somewhat did for me. Just like there is no one pill that will cure headaches. These are remedies I tried that I can't conclude cured my pain.

Cayenne Benefits at Amazon

These three methods provided relief only, like most drugs provide relief for a set amount of time before you go looking to take another pill. However, the major differences are:

  • These ingredients are not drugs.
  • Costs less than drugs.
  • Is something you are more than likely to already have in your kitchen.
  • You know what it is.
  • Is equally as effective as some (not all) drugs without all the other added ingredients of drugs of things we probably can't even pronounce.

Like you do with drugs, to get a stronger dose you take more. So maybe I could try to apply more of each method. If I do then at least I wouldn't have to worry about side effects like that of drugs. I've not ever heard of anyone overdosing on baking soda, black pepper, or cayenne pepper.

Disclaimer: This is not to be a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Trust me, if this pain continues I'll need to seek professional assistance to what's going on. But it was so rare that I sought natural remedies first for mouth, gums or tooth pain relief.

Which method was more effective for you?

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