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3 Tips for Thinning Hair in Women

Updated on October 11, 2014
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I am an African Woman and almost always have my hair in weaves and braids. I am an enthusiast and write about it.

Hair thins out over time. An inhabitant of a retirement home with a naturally full head of hair will be a rare sight.

However, the rate at which hair thins out varies and there are quite a few tips for thinning hair. There is a branch of medicine called Trichology which is devoted to the study of the hair and scalp.

A recent study suggests that although complete hair loss - baldness is not so common in women, hair thinning and hair loss occur in as many as one third of pre-menopausal women.

Hair loss occurs more frequently in men than in women suggesting that there is a hormonal component to hair loss. For effective thinning hair treatment, it is important to rule out any medical reasons for hair loss hence the first tip.

Medical Cause for Hair loss - Fungal infection

Hair loss is a cause of worry. talk to your medic to be sure it is not due to a medical cause
Hair loss is a cause of worry. talk to your medic to be sure it is not due to a medical cause | Source

Tip One - Rule out Medical Reasons for Thinning Hair

The first and probably most important tip for thinning hair is to rule out any medical issues.

A number of seemingly innocent things can cause the hair to thin out.

See a medical practitioner once you have worrisome hair loss. Read on to find out how hair loss intersects with medicine.

Medications and Thinning hair

The most obvious is chemotherapy but other gentler drugs used to treat heart diseases, high cholesterol or diabetes can affect the hair.

Any medication that affects the hormones could help thin hair. Some of these are certain acne medications, HRT and hormonal contraceptives.

Other medical reasons include stress and genetic balding.

Autoimmune diseases and thyroid abnormalities often help in thinning your hair.

If your hair is thinning and women of your family have always lost their hair early, there is little you can do. The tips below will only help minimize the effect.

During pregnancy, did you or your partner

See results

On the flip side, pregnancy and some medications for fertility thicken the hair.

The worrisome hair loss that occurs after pregnancy is the hair returning to its usual thickness, and not usually a cause for worry.

Notice the thinned out hair due to malnutrition
Notice the thinned out hair due to malnutrition | Source

Diet, Anemia and Thinning Hair

Anemia or low blood iron levels will lead to hair thinning and hair loss. Malnutrition causes hair loss. The good thing about this is that a routine medical check will reveal anemia and as you build up your iron levels, you hair thickness will be restored.

The same goes for malnutrition, look at a before and after picture of starving children and focus on the hair. Eat better and the hair will get thicker.

Tip Two - Use Hair Thinning Products

There are a number of products you can use to halt the progress of thinning hair.

Some have a cosmetic effect, making your hair appear fuller while a few claim to actually help the hair become thicker and fuller.

The most important ones are outlined below.

Biotin Supplements

Biotin (vitamin B7)is a component of our meals and is neccesary to maintain the hair and nails.

Foods that contain it include Brewers yeast, brown rice, egg yolk, carrots and nuts such as peanuts or almonds.

You can increase the biotin and protein component of your diet or take supplements to be sure you are getting enough.


These add weight and body to your hair.

There is a wide range available, from shampoos to conditioners.

The most frequently used volumizers for thinning hair are the hair sprays. They come as fine mist or mousse products and help ste and hold your hair.

A good choice is to pick a product that comes as a kit, so you get the benefit of a synchronised volume adding plan.

Thinning hair hairstyle

Not the best hairstyle for thinning hair
Not the best hairstyle for thinning hair | Source

Tip Three - Thinning Hair Styles

The right hairstyle can conceal the reduced volume of your hair. The best hairstyle tips for thinning hair are

Choose shorter hair

As the length of your hair increases, it becomes heavier and will lie closer to the scalp easily showing the reduced volume.

Keeping the hair medium to short helps it look thicker.

Layer the hair

This is a no brainer. Cutting your hair in layers easily creates volume especially if the hair is medium to short.

Go to a professional for the initial cut to make sure it is not too short at the temples.

Front Bangs

Bangs help conceal thinning hair
Bangs help conceal thinning hair

Bangs conceal thinning hair

The thinning effect of hair is more pronounced at the front hairline.

Create bangs that cover this area attractively. There is no need to go overboard for the shaggy look.

Avoid tight braids and other hairstyles that pull at the hair.

If your hair is thinning, there are a number of things you can do to slow it down or at least conceal the effects. The best hair thinning treatments must be personalized and should involve gentle products specifically intended for hair loss.

Talk to your medic to rule out an underlying medical condition and read labels on the hair thinning treatment products you buy.

Have a hairstyle that encourages minimal brushing.


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    • weavesandbraids profile image

      Chuga 3 years ago from Africa

      @tattuwurn, be careful about the hair products you use. Natural products are less harmful for thinning hair. Consider products with shea butter.

    • profile image

      louisa.e.A 3 years ago

      for d last ten years ave been told ave got alopeca.

    • profile image

      tattuwurn 4 years ago

      I've been suffering hypotension, and lately I'm losing hair more than normal; plus I'm always stressed because of work. Good tips, I'll going to follow them. Up and useful. :)

    • weavesandbraids profile image

      Chuga 5 years ago from Africa

      Thanks Bodylevive,

      Thinning hair is a great burden for many people.

    • bodylevive profile image

      BODYLEVIVE 5 years ago from Alabama, USA

      Very good tips.