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3 Ways to Get the Perfect Summer Body

Updated on January 23, 2014

Although there is still four or five months until summer gets into full flow, many people would already be thinking of getting into shape. If you are looking to get the perfect summer body before summer comes along, use these three great tricks to get into shape. Fortunately, you have time on your hand. If you haven't worked out or been on a diet in the past, this gives your body and mind to adjust to a new regime. In order to get the perfect summer body, you need to master three things. First, you need to prepare your mind for all the stress that is about to hit you. A lot of people give up after a week or two because they are not tough enough to handle the mental pressure. It takes an extraordinary amount of effort to get the perfect summer body, unless you happen to have extraordinary genes that naturally keep you in shape. Although it will be tough, think about all the people around you on the beach that will be envious of your body. Who knows? You may even have a few hot chicks or guys approaching you. All of these dreams can serve as inspiration to help you lose weight. The two other things you need to master are exercise and diet.

Drink Water Like Never Before

Losing weight does not always have to be about exercising and dieting. There are plenty of small life hacks that can make a significant difference to your weight loss endeavors. For example, a lot of people underestimate how great water is in helping you lose weight. One of the best times to drink water is before you prepare or have a meal. Drink two cups of water and your hunger level will decrease by a significant margin. This means you will start to gradually eat fewer calories per day. The most important part of losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. Don't forget that your body burns calories in many ways such as when you are breathing or even when your heart is beating. Since a high percentage of our body consists of water, it is also extremely important to keep yourself well-hydrated while you go through your exercise routines. If you can stick, avoid drinking anything else apart from water. This may mean you have to give up your weekend drinking habits as alcohol such as beer contain a high amount of calories.

Tone and Lose Weight

The perfect summer body requires a bit of toning. Therefore, you should do exercises that can help you achieve both objectives. The best way to lose weight is by doing a combination of both cardio and strength exercises. Swimming is a highly recommended method for people who want to lose weight. Compared to other forms of cardio exercise, swimming gives the least amount of chances for someone to sustain an injury. If you don't have access to a swimming pool, you can always do the good old running. If you live nearby an area where it is safe to run, go for it. It isn't necessarily better to run outdoors than indoors, but you are likely to lose more calories by running outdoors because your body will be facing more environmental resistances.

In terms of strength exercises, you want to do workouts that help you produce lean muscles. The emphasis is on the repetition and not the weight. Instead of doing three repetitions using maximum weight, you should instead do eight to ten repetitions using a smaller weight. This is how you generate strong muscle endurance in your body. Obviously, one of the focal points of a great summer body is the stomach. This means you have to dig deep and start working on some ab exercises. Crunches are a great way for beginners but as you get more confident with your stomach exercises, you should look to perform ones that are more advanced. For example, the bicycle crunch is seen as one of the most effective ways to build great ab muscles. A lot of people hate doing it because it's so painful. One could easily say the more you hate an exercise, the more effective it is in helping you achieve your fitness objectives.

Watch Your Calories

As we mentioned before, it is extremely important to monitor your calorie intake. You are going to achieve your fitness objectives more quickly if you spend more time planning your diet. For example, you should have a bi-weekly plan which states what you will be consuming for each meal. Some people like to go for the standard three meals a day. However, if you find that you are getting really hungry between each meal, you may want to switch it around a little. For example, you may want to do five small meals a day so there is a smaller amount of waiting time between each meal. For men, the recommended level for daily consumption stands at around 3,000. For women, you should look to have no more than 2,400 calories per day. Although you may feel extremely motivated to dive straight into a strict diet, it is best to work yourself gradually to a strict routine.

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