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3 Weight Loss Tips That Will Sustain Your Fight Against Belly Fat

Updated on August 19, 2009

Some of us have had to make a life long vocation of keeping weight off for one reason or another like genetics, physical impairment, or other handicaps that are too many to mention. But the television is one of the great enemies of weight loss and here is why. No physical activity is involved and you could possibly sit there about 23 hours a day watching endless dribble to keep your mind numb and occupied. Chips, Frozen Pizza, and Ice Cream are just an arm's length away usually and it's easy to cram our faces with this stuff while watching Law and Order.

Creative marketing companies making your mouth water for anything from grandma's fudge, Unky's Big Fried Chicken, Candy, Cheese cake, Bert's Deep Fried meats and cheeses. I made the names up but you see this barrage of mental and emotional hammering that aim at you and this makes it harder to keep on track. Weight loss goals are much easier if you turn off the "Boob-Tube" and delve into more physical activities.

Are You A Couch Potato?

Weight Loss and the Television are not a good match!
Weight Loss and the Television are not a good match!

If You Want to Keep the Weight Off - Stay Away From Aspertain

Did you know the sweetener that is labeled aspertain which is in almost all diet sodas and foods makes you hungry?! Makes sense right? The most popular sugar replacement on this planet saves you calories up front but makes you crave food as a side effect.  Aspertain detox is a must to help you keep in line with your goals in weight loss. The FDA has a huge list of the side effects this "diet aid" causes - anything from vision, neurological, cancers, headaches, memory loss, fatigue, weakness, seizures, and the list goes on.

Keep a bottle of water, lemon iced tea, or even fruit flavored water with you at all times - this will aid in weight loss by flushing your system and keeping you hydrated especially if you have followed the common sense advice of becoming more active while trying to keep the pounds off.

Aspertain is enemy number two in your war against losing belly fat - it's in thousands of products so make sure and read the ingredients on everything especially when they are marked "diet" or "fat free"

Side Effects of Aspertain

Weight Loss Tip Number 3

Stay away from restaurants - local and national eateries create food for flavor and not from healthy recipes - Yes some government agencies are making it harder for the food and beverage industry to ply you with three thousand calorie meals which of course over a period of time leads to morbid obesity. I personally am very sensitive to sugar since having gastric-bypass surgery and can taste it in places you would never think would contain sugar. Like pizza sauce and crust - yes, why not put it in there - it will make your kids beg for more and will be their number one request when asked what they want for dinner.

Our time is limited and we usually will go for the Golden Arches if all else fails - Even though they have a reduced calorie menu - They are banking on our weakness for fried and sugary foods that coincidentally they have for sale next to the salads.

Make your lunches up a head of time for work - bags of fruit, vegetables, baked chicken breasts, and healthy recipes that you make yourself so you know what you are putting into your system. The same for dinner and breakfast - just use a little common sense and plan your eating schedule and menu for the next week on Sundays and try your hardest to stick to.


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    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 7 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      First, I commend you and your wife for having the courage and fortitude to go through gastric bypass and keep the weight off afterward.

      These days, unless you can grow your own food (vegetables AND animals) or buy locally from farmers you trust, it's nigh on impossible to know what you're *really* eating. I already religiously avoided anything "diet" or "fat free". It's not rocket science to figure out whatever "bad" thing was removed to label it thus was probably replaced by something far worse - like aspertain. Didn't know aspertain increases appetite or pizza contains sugar. Thanks!

    • catherine74 profile image

      catherine74 7 years ago from London

      Nice tips might need to take some of your advice.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      god bless you for this great advice.

    • profile image

      Eat Smart Age Smart 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the information. I’m going to share this article in my network of friends and relatives….Your posts always make me think and give me good thoughts each day to continue to renew my brain.