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4 Best ways of healthy personality

Updated on May 3, 2016

A healthy personality

1. Enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is good for healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing. If you get enough sleep you enable your brain to align itself to its proper functioning state. People who always get enough sleep always live healthy, developed and successful lives. On the other hand those who do not get enough sleep always have problem-solving skills, health and behavior problems. They find it difficult to tackle their lives problems, because they don't give their brain sufficient time to refresh for the next day. Insufficient sleep has a negative impact on how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others.

2. Exercise

Exercising is very important for everyone. It restrains and reduce risks of obtaining deceases. Exercise helps on physical and mental health. It gives you mental and physical power to live a healthy life and to behave better. It also gives a better look or appearance and makes you to always stay in good shape. It also add more years to your life. On the other hand if you do not exercise you put your life in danger of attracting stress, heart ache and dying prematurely. You don't have to pay high fees for a certain professional gym, you just have to learn few moves of exercises from media, internet or anywhere else you could find them.

3. Healthy food

Healthy nutrition is good for a healthy weight, It prevents risk of heart deceases and cancer. It helps with good brain functioning and physical wellness, which helps with provision of energy to the body. It gives good focus and concentration. It is crucial to get accurate nutritional diet from the calories which are obtained from : fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, whole grain, legumes and lean proteins. The consumption of calories differ based on gender, age and physical activity standard. The body exert calories from food for walking, thinking, breathing and other activities.

4. Socialize

Life mean being with and communicating with people. Living life without communicating and interacting with other people is living life without value of life. It is human interaction which bring the worth of life. Socializing with other people makes one to know other people better based on values, culture, norms and beliefs. It is through socializing where people, more especially children learn about behaving, talking and relating with others through certain reactions through role playing. If a person does not socialize he or she will develop physical and mental disability. this will be visible by being always anti-social and resistant to relationships. Its imperative for a person to socialize in order to learn, know, have fun and live a healthy life with other people.


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    • pncfoundation profile imageAUTHOR

      Bongani Langa Kubheka 

      2 years ago from Vereeniging

      Living a healthy life is one of the major things in every persons life. Taking healthy living advises brings life.


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