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3 Point Weight Loss Plan

Updated on March 31, 2014

Food exercise and emotions

One of the mistakes people often make when they want to lose weight is concentrating too much one part of the weight loss triangle. Radically reducing calorie intake will help to lose weight but is often unsustainable unless you are also exercising (which means that you do not have to cut calorie intake quite so drastically). But even if you are addressing the eating and exercising sides of the triangle, if the emotional motivations you have that drive you to eat are not being managed then you will find that you do not lose weight.

Body balance

Within all the processes of the human body there is a drive for balance. The body likes to maintain a state of equilibrium this is known as homeostasis. Example of this can be found throughout the body – if you are too hot the blood vessels expand and increase flow near the surface of the skin to allow heat to evaporate, and you may sweat which will also help heat loss through the cooling effect of liquid evaporating from the skin. The body is simply trying to maintain balance. So if you begin to eat a lot less than you need the body will use its stored fat initially but will then lower the metabolic rate a little to make sure you don’t starve.

For more information on homeostasis follow the link below.

But we can use this knowledge about the way the body works to help us manage our eating, exercise and emotions in a way which helps us lose weight quickly and easily AND stay the size we want to be.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

Try new ways of cooking your favourite vegetables
Try new ways of cooking your favourite vegetables | Source

Meal Ideas

The following are simply suggestions - work out a plan that suits you, your tastes and your lifestyle. For every meal make sure the largest portion on the plate is the vegetables or fruit.

You can eat carbohydrates but try having them for just one meal each day.


Fruit with yoghurt

Poached egg and baked beans

Porridge and fruit

Grilled tomatoes on small slice of toast


Salad with Mackerel or Tuna

Mixed bean salad


Hummus and seeded flat bread


Salmon with roast vegetables

Chicken with salad

Chicken or fish stir fry

Prawn or vegetable omelette

For snacks try a few nuts, pecans or almonds, some fresh or dried fruit, or a small yoghurt.


We all need to eat and can all lose weight while continuing to enjoy food and eat well. A lot of people who are overweight have diets that contai a lot of the wrong types of food – processed foods which often contain a lot of sugars, starches and additives’, or too many refined carbohydrates. Remember too that drinks can contain a lot of calories. But these habits are easy to change. Like any change it may take a little bit of getting used to but the benefits to health and well-being are immense. Other people put on weight because they just eat too much food, the foods may be healthy but too much of anything can have negative effects. People may have different metabolic rates and some people can eat more than others without putting on weight but many of us over eat simply because we like food. For those who overeat for other reasons see the section below –emotional drivers for eating.

Fill your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables - Some fruit and vegetables contain more calories, or energy than others but they all contain vitamins and minerals as well. Choose things you like and try having them in new ways to keep your diet interesting. Some vegetables are also carbohydrates - try just having carbohydrates at one meal of the day.

Opt for low fat proteins –lean meat or fish for example or low fat dairy products like eggs and certain cheeses, check the packets to see the calories and fat they contain per portion. Remember that pulses and nuts can also be sources of protein.

Use low fat cooking methods – generally its best to avoid frying or roasting with a lot of oil. Try steaming poaching or grilling instead.

Choose unrefined and unprocessed carbohydrates – ‘carbs’ have had a bad press but you can lose weight and eat carbs if you choose the right ones and make sure the quantity is right for you. Choose wholemeal breads or pasta and brown rice and remember too that beans and pulses are sources of carbohydrates.

Allow a few small treats – this plan is about sustained weight loss so identify a few treats that like and build them into your diet as this will help you sustain good eating habits in the long term.

Be aware of drinks – drink plenty of water but watch out for very high calories soft drinks or alcohol – tea and coffee without milk have few calories but clearly lattes or hot chocolates will have more.

At first you may feel a bit hungry but often you need to get used to the feeling of just not being full all the time.

Enjoy exercise outdoors

Exercise outdoors can be beneficial for health
Exercise outdoors can be beneficial for health | Source


Exercise really is such a great help to weight loss and to general fitness that it is something you have to do. But it can be fun and even sociable and you will reap the benefits in terms of health and well-being.

Try to fit in just a few of the following and you will see results quickly.

A long walk of one to two hours at the weekend -try to walk at a pace that you can sustain but where you are making a bit of an effort. So if you are completely out of breath, slow down a little but if you are breathing completely normally speed up a bit. This could easily be substituted with a bike ride or playing games with children in the park. The principle is you need to be making a little effort and sustaining this for a reasonably long time. You might consider joining an exercise class they are usually at least an hour. There is also evidence to suggest that outdoor exercise is especially beneficial to us - see the link below.

Try to fit in 2 short exercise slots where you make more of an effort – a 20 minute walk with a few one minute jogs or runs for example. If you enjoy any competitive sport then do that instead and in most sports you will find yourself making a few short sprints even if you are not playing particularly competitively. Another way of doing this is to use a DVD and exercise at home – you don’t have to do the whole lot but a couple of sessions will make a difference.

It is also good to add in some time each week to do some stretching and toning exercises again this could be done with an App or a disc and can help tone muscles and will burn calories as well.

Exercise is activity so even being busy and moving a lot at home or work, enjoying hobbies like gardening or doing chores like housework can help to burn calories.

Emotional Drivers

We eat for all sorts of reasons, to be sociable to mark a change or passing of time, to celebrate and a for a whole host of other reasons. But we also all have some emotions which drive us to eat. Some of these are conscious – I had a hard day I will reward myself with a nice meal but others are subconscious and some people may not even be aware of them. Someone from a family where food may be scarce may condemn people leaving food on their plate and people who have grown up in that kind of environment may find themselves eating even when they are full, finishing their childrens left overs or eating things in the fridge before they go out of date even though they have just had a meal. They simply can’t let themselves throw things away. This is only one example there are many more and there are also people who find it impossible to lose weight because somewhere in their subconscious is the belief they will always be fat.

But there are lots of ways these can be dealt with, the first step is to be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you ate the last few things that you ate. If you feel that it is these emotional issues which are the root cause of your problems check out some of the tapping videos on youtube and try tapping along and for an explanation of what tapping is have a look at the video above. To find a therapist near you just look on the EFT register at

What is EFT Tapping?


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    • Sheila Mulvenney profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Bedford

      Thanks for your comment and yes you are right, a bit of care when choosing fruit is good.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      4 years ago from Texas

      This is a nice and informative hub with some good tips Sheila Mulvenney, although some people should select their fruits carefully as some come very high in sugar content. Thumbs up on your hub.


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