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3 things you should not do at the gym

Updated on June 6, 2012

3 things you should not do at the gym

There are many things that you should not do at the gym. Below are just 3 of the things you should try not to do while at the gym.

1. One of the things you should try to avoid doing while at the gym is to not walk around naked in the locker/changing room. Some people will take a shower and walk to their locker nude and get dress within a minute or two, and that's fine. However, when people take a shower and then hold a 10 minute conversation in the buff is probably something that people should try to avoid doing.

2. Excessive grunting is really not necessary. A little grunt here and there is alright but there are a lot of people who scream violently when they are working out. You should try not to let out violent grunts while at the gym because this is embarrassing and the sounds sound horrid. It really is not that hard to not make excessive noise when working out, even if you are bench pressing 300+ pounds. A little bit of grunting is acceptable but to grunt so loud that the entire gym hears you is not necessary.

3. Having a little bit of chit chat at the gym is alright but when you have a 20 minute conversation in between sets, then that is when it isn't alright. In other words, do not hog up machines for longer than you need them for. Do your set, take a rest and do another set instead of doing a set, talk for 20 minutes and then do another set and then another 20 minute conversation before doing another set. There may be other people who need to use the equipment that you are using and hogging up.


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