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30 Uplifting Tips for Thirty Transformative Days

Updated on November 8, 2012

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

It would take one month for every single person reading this article to transform their lives. In a scant thirty days you can reprogram your habits and inclinations, changing the way you think, act and live. Our psychology is none too different from our biology; an unhealthy mind can pack on the proverbial pounds, and the heaviness of negativity can start to make us feel like we have too much fat has in our thoughts. Like our body, our minds can be exercised, and with enough time, rejuvenated onto paths of healthier habits, and ultimately a healthier existence. You won't have to life weights, but you will have to lift some emotional clouds.

You won't have to jog do push-ups, pull-ups or pay for a gym membership, but you will have to commit yourself to "uplifting" feelings, and you will have to follow thirty simple guidelines for thirty transformative days.

1. It's all in the vocabulary

The way we interact with each other is one of the biggest indicators of our mood, and an unseen form of interaction comes from the nuances of the language we use in everyday interactions. People are not mindless automatons, and we react in surprising and genuine ways when our common conversations veer in pleasingly unforeseen directions. The next time you pass a fellow jogger out for a run, try greeting them with more enthusiasm than the situation typically calls for. Bid them a good day--you will be surprised how far well-meaning gestures can go!

2. Innovate your life to change your course

Novelty can be an underrated experience. Novelty is what charms us into remembering three days of vacation abroad for the rest of our lives. Novelty is the nostalgia we fall back on when we remember the first time we met our husbands or wives. Novelty isn't a bad word, and you should try it out sometime. Take a different route to work. Buy food from a different grocery store. Change is the name of the game, and even the smallest adjustments to your routine can expand your experience in life.

3. Do things for other people

It's easy to get caught up with yourselves when trying to change yourself, but don't fall into that neurosis. Sometimes the only thing you need to do to improve your life is to stop thinking about how you can improve your life, and start thinking about what you can do for your significant other, neighbor, relatives or community.

4. Learn something new every day

Novelty will be a reoccurring theme (although ironically the more novelty is discussed the less novel is becomes). The older we get the easier it is for us to fall into routines, and routines are the beginnings of ruts. The next time you find yourself feeling tired, static or unhappy, try learning something new--even if it doesn't seem to apply to the specifications of your life. We live in a great big world, and there is more to see, touch, taste, hear and smell out there than your white picket fence.

5. Help somebody else learn something new every day

For every piece of personal advice, you would do yourself well to remember this impersonal touch. Spread the wealth, share the transformation, and think so far outside your box that you start thinking about other boxes.

6. Relearn your dedication

There are millions of ways to look young, but only one way to think young. Remember your passions and flights of fancy--they are more invigorating than any energy drink coffee blend you can whip up in the morning. You don't have to shirk your other responsibilities, but take time out of a mindless schedule to be mindful of something close to your heart.

7. Turn the other cheek

Frustration can release from people like a fog. We can feel each other's tensions in the air, and we respond in kind. The more positive your behavior, the more this tension will dissipate. The clearer the fog of frustration, the clearer life becomes.

8. Be optimistic, stupid

Being positive isn't naive, it's downright wise. There are hundreds of fatal and tragic possibilities you encounter the moment you walk outside and get into your car, and more often than not none of them come true. Think on the sunny side--not to block out the occasional days of interminable weather, but to enjoy the light when it shines.

9. Don't forget that failure is a learning experience

Failures are temporary things. They happen in a moment, even when they can demoralize for a month. The key to dealing with failure is to reframe them into teachable experiences that can hone your life--professionally, personally or spiritually.

10. Live in the moment

There has been some discussion over whether or not our perception of time is just that--a subjective perspective. Time doesn't exist. Everything is present and infinite in the present. Metaphysical babble aside, everything 'is' the present, yet we live so much of our lives in the past and the future. Of all the places we are looking - over our shoulder, ahead to the horizon--too often we fail to recognize what's right in front of us.

11. Clean out your closet

An uncluttered house makes for an uncluttered mind. Tidy your office, throw away the useless clutter and spend some time rearranging your environment to better suit this rearrangement of your thinking.

12. Create

If you are transforming yourself, you owe the rest of us to create something with the residues of that transformation. I don't care if your idea of creation 'folds' down to a paper airplane--build, mache, draw, paint, or just make a sandcastle on the sandy beach. Everybody needs a monument to their transformation.

13. Be more truthful with yourself

If you are taking an honest look at the good things in your life, why not carry that honesty over into, well, honesty? Be proud enough of your transformation to be honest enough of your present situation. Reassess your goals and your vulnerabilities. Use this pivotal moment to 'pivot' where you are to where you want to be

14. The early bird gets the worm

Instead of finding more efficient ways to get more things accomplished in a shorter span of time, give yourself more time to accomplish the goals in front of you. An extra thirty minutes in the morning can shave so much stress off of your mealtime, traffic time and prep time.

15. Leave your bad habits in the waste bin

If you are transforming the very core of your being, go the extra mile to transform your habits. Prepare better meals, schedule longer exercise, or just spend more quality time with friends and family. It's time to cut the slack

16. And cut down on tv time

I love it, you love it, and there is a chance space men have picked up our television signals and love it, but pivotal moments call for drastic measures. Cut down on your television schedule and pick up your real life.

17. Inch by inch, anything is a cinch

If a month can transform your life, who knows what else you can accomplish if you set your mind to it? Use this time to schedule other goals, and use this discipline to help get started on that long overdue back burner work.

18. Without television, we might as well read

It's a concession, but 'trying new things' is the spirit of this article. Books haven't caught up to the cool of newfangled technology, but nothing beats the slow pace and rich imagery of immersing yourself in a good book. Try it because it's new--these are your days to embrace newness.

19. Find inspiration in the sunrise

Every morning, wake up and try to find your inspiration. Don't lose sight of it the way you have lost sight of other youthful pursuits. Inspiration can be as simple as the sun, and just as bright!

20. Laugh, laugh, and laugh

We live in an age of excess and absurdity, so embrace the rat race of it all and have some laughs at your own expense. Laughs release stress, invigorate your body and hone your mind. It's win-win. Now hurry up and smile before I subject you to my stand-up routine!

21. Clean out your body while you're at it

The very first thing mentioned in this article is how much our mind is like our body, so why not clean out your body while you are cleaning out your mind? If you are a drinker, pour some water. If you are a smoker, huff some fresh air for a change. Healthy living can boost your energy, and more energy can help you sustain transformative living for a month.

22. Exercise everything

While you are doing mental jumping jacks, go ahead and do some actual jumping jacks. The relationship between your mind and body is a powerful tandem, so get a'riding!

23. Look yourself in the mirror

Make a sober assessment of your life, and don't be afraid of being afraid. Your new positive outlook should give you the cushioning to be honest with yourself about your shortcomings, and confidently look for new ways to succeed.

24. Try new foods and new meals

Variety is the spice of life, and you better get with the gist of this thirty day program before I make any more bad puns. Remember I still have my stand-up routine to threaten!

25. Pat yourself on the back

If you have made it this far, you deserve a pat on the back. I don't care if this isn't day twenty five, and you are browsing this article in-between your streaming movies and music. Pat yourself on the back. It takes a lot of effort for this kind of self-reflection and focus. If you have made it this far, I know you go as 'far' as you like.

26. Reach out to people

We pass dozens of strangers every day without the slightest inclination to meet them, and this can cause us to feel isolated when in truth we are surrounded by people, company, and friends we have yet to meet.

27. Don't overreach yourself

Spend a month resisting your urges for excess. Don't buy things you can't afford, and don't schedule goals you can't meet. Transformation doesn't have to be radical. Transformation can be steady, moderate and humble.

28. Clean out the (proverbial) closer

There is more to the clutter of our lives than the physical accumulation of junk inside our houses and garages. Everyone has experienced a damaging relationship, and now is the time to overcome that damage and leave tangled ties in the past. It doesn't have to be mean-spirited. It doesn't have to be dramatic. Just stop fiddling with the knot--you are only making things worse.

29. Forgive and forget

Because sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and we are holding resentments for grudges we can't even remember anymore. For those friends and family in your life who are always there for you, it's time to recognize their intimacy and let bygones be bygones. The preceding step wanted you to recognize what's evil, but now it's time to recognize what's good.

30. Record your transformation

It's time to keep a journal, take a photograph or share your daily experiences in a heart-to-heart. This can be an important moment in your life, and the more important this month is for you the more that importance will resonate with everybody else who has ever asked themselves the question: what can I accomplish in thirty days?

People will tell you that any transformation happens gradually. They will tell you to be patient and expect increments. But the truth of transformation is that it can be just as spontaneous as any other moment in your life, because transformation can truly happen 'any moment'. It is up to you to seize the opportunity and explore it - and yourself--to the fullest.


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    • suzzycue profile image

      Susan Britton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I love your thirty steps. Your words stop fiddling with the knot will stay with me the rest of my life. You are a gifted writer. Keep writing and thanks again for finding me.

    • angelskies profile image

      angelskies 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Another brilliant hub! I look forward to reading more!