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30 Days to a Stylish new you!

Updated on April 12, 2011

30 Days to a Stylish New You: Follow these Suggestions for the Fast Track to Cool!!

These are the steps to take to rapidly transform yourself into a stylish, cool and all around better person. Like I've said before, style isn't just being superficial and trendy; style is about adapting to change, growing and becoming a better person. Take the steps to grow, start today, but if you are overwhelmed after reading through this list then take some baby steps, start small but just start!

*Give up TV. Record all your favorite shows and save them until the end of the 30 day trial. TV is cool, don't get me wrong. If the shows are that important to you, you'll watch them.

*Give up video games. Everybody loves to play video games, myself included, but TV and video games are the biggest thieves of our time. These areas are where you can find the time to do this other stuff.

*Workout everyday, 30 minutes. This is HUGE! Even if you only go for a walk, you will feel better about yourself and that is the entire point of this Hub! Plus with all the extra time you have from not watching TV, this should be a cake walk :)

*Shower/bathe/shave every day. I know you don't need this one yourself, so please pass it along to someone who does. Get that "so fresh, so clean" feeling everyday, make your preparations as intensive as if you were going out to a phat club. People will notice and you may like the extra attention.

*Go out every evening. Go somewhere different each time, and do something fun. I will do trials of different categories of outings: bars, nightclubs, restaurants etc. These will be a good read for you.

*Spend 30 minutes cleaning and organizing your home or office every day. That's just 15 hours a month total. Everyone, especially myself, can be a little cleaner.

*Ask someone new out on a date every day. Seriously, even with a terrible average, you'll get some action. You can do this when you're going out every evening, ask someone at each place, it's hard at first but when you get the hang of it, you'll look like a pimp.

*If you're already in a relationship, do something sexy everyday. Give your partner a massage every day. Or alternate who gives the massage each day, that's 15 massages each and some very good times! Light some candles and enjoy.

*Give up cigarettes, soda, junk food, coffee, or other unhealthy addictions. I'm not a preacher, but at least try it for awhile. I drink coffee and booze, smoke occasionally and eat unhealthy sometimes/often but I don't have any addictions. Break them, don't be ruled by anything. This is another biggie.

*Write in a journal every day. This keeps you mindful of where your time goes and is great to reflect on the good times. Catalog your 30 day trial.

*Call a different family member or friend each day. Even if you haven't talked in awhile, most people will be glad to hear from you. It's hard, but keep in touch with people, the older you get the more you need the people you knew in your past.

*Meet someone new every day. Start up a conversation with a stranger. This can be that guy/girl you're asking out...but do try to broaden your horizons.

*Read for 30 minutes each day. Something that interests you, or something classic: Shakespeare, Plato etc. I'll post a Stylish reading list ASAP.

*Meditate every day. Meditation is cool, it allows you to focus, relax and thus become more effective. I meditate twice a day, for a total of one hour, calms the mind.

*Learn a new vocabulary word every day. Straight from Clueless, yes, but if you're not growing you're dying.

*Go for a long walk every day. You may even count this as your meditation.

Don’t' Be Scared, You Can Be Cool. These are some ideas of what I mean by being cool. This is a crash course! Don't think that you need to continue any of this beyond 30 days. That's what makes it doable, this is a lot of stuff and if it seems daunting, don't do everything at once. Think of the benefits you'll gain from these 30 days alone. Again, this is a crash course for those who want rapid results, you can re-assess all of these steps after the trial period. You're certain to grow just from the experience, even if it's temporary.

The power of this approach lies in its simplicity. Even though doing a certain activity every single day may be less efficient than following a more complicated schedule - weight training is a good example because rest and time off are key components - you'll often be more likely to stick with a daily habit. When you commit to doing something every single day without exception, you can't rationalize or justify missing a day, nor can you promise to make it up later by reshuffling your schedule. They say that once you do something for three weeks, you own it. It becomes habit and as this trial will surely prove, habits are hard to break.

Give trials a try. Think of the Family Guy where Peter gives up TV and falls in love with life. Imagine all the life we miss out on by wasting time and veg-ing out. At the end of the show, he ends up going back to TV as his only source of entertainment. I hope you won't. But if you do, that's fine, that's what you like and that is in itself can be stylish. Just trying new things and gaining the experience is the entire point of this Hub. If you're ready to commit to a trial right now, please feel free to post a comment/email and share your goal for the next 30 days. If there's enough interest, then maybe I will post your results, or replicate the trial myself. I'm always up for a challenge. Good luck and have some fun! This is it! The source for all that is cool... The site, the blog...King Papa is here! King Papa; a great site for men.


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