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31 Phobias: #15 the Fear of Gifts

Updated on November 28, 2017

The Fear of Receiving Gifts



Disliking the Unknown

The fear of receiving gifts is called Doronophobia. Yes, there is such a thing. As hard as it is to understand, maybe this Hub will shed a little light on the subject and help you "see things" as a Doronophobic sees things.

Doronophobics have an extremely strange and unique fear. They're not trying to be rude by rejecting thoughtful gifts (most come off looking arrogant about it), it's just that they have a fear of what may be inside. They dread not knowing what the item is that has been placed in a container/box and then wrapped so that nobody can tell what it could possibly be. They fear that the item may be harmful physically to them (or to others as well), or even possibly hazardous to their health and their loved ones. Some fear that it may even possibly kill them and those around them.

As ridiculous as it may seem, this fear is all too real. It can ruin social lives if this problem is not addressed to those who are unaware of the sufferers fear. People who know about the suffers condition won't even bother wrapping the item.

On rare occasions, a few suffers of Dornophobia will do their best to not go near a mailbox, possibly even an entire post office.

Many professionals have considered that the sufferer brought on this phobia while an adolescent and was never given the proper care & treatment. So, as a result, some Doronophobiacs not only dread Christmas but their own birthday as well, simply because they have a tremendous fear that they are going to receive gifts.

However, it's not only holiday events and birthdays, it's also packages that arrive at their doorstep that they didn't order. Gift bags sitting on desks at the office and especially FedEx packages that sit unopened. It seems FedEx would be a company that Doronophobiacs would dread the most because when it comes to their fast pace and handling so many packages and mail with unknown contents there's no telling what could be inside them.

Curing Doronophobia

Presently, there is no cure for Doronophobia. Fortunately though, there is a treatment and with much positive feedback. Treatment can be as simple as a sufferer placing their hand into their own bags and boxes. Knowing that nothing will come to harm them, this may develop "muscle memory" where (hopefully) the sufferer can eventually receive gifts without feeling panic or anxiety.

Most Doronophobics have other fears/phobias as well. So sometimes, sufferers are dealing with not only Doronophobia, but trying to deal with at least two or more other phobias as well.

Although some suffers may never be cured fully there are numerous ways to help keep them under control. One sure way to help with phobias much like Dornophobia is a stress ball.

Users of a stress ball can squeeze it when feeling a bit uncomfortable. It helps with those not only those with a phobia, but those who suffer from anxiety as well. Many stress balls come in all sorts of sizes, colors and textures, so take your time when shopping for one. Some suffers have a wide assortment of stress balls for a variety of stressful occasions. So take your time and try them all. There may be a few to your liking, so, don't them all. Trust me. It will bother you later.

Understanding Those with Phobias

Educate Yourself

There are many sites that explain those who suffer greatly with phobias. Understanding phobias and why/how they affect people may change the way you look at this mental disorder. Phobias are real and if not identified properly (preferably during adolescents) there may be little to zero chance for recovery.

Read up as much information that you can about a certain phobia that you may have been experiencing with. Either by you or someone you know and/or care about. The more you know, the better prepared you will become when handling this serious condition. Remember, people who suffer from phobias did not choose to be this way. It chose them. Be patient.

© 2016 James Timothy Peters


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