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31 Phobias: #8 the Fear of Small Animals

Updated on April 25, 2018


The Fear of Small Animals

Are you or someone you know terribly afraid of small animals? Well, don't be surprised. Microzoophobia, or just simply "the fear of small animals", is a specific (common) phobia and is widely known throughout the world, especially in the Western Hemisphere. There are a few groups that fear all small animals, but majority of sufferers tend to be more fearful of a specific small animal(s). For example:

  • can be fearful of cats but not dogs (or vice versa)
  • can be fearful of certain rodents including mice, rats, gerbils but not hamsters
  • can be fearful of anything small and with four legs

There are several different types of phobias that can fall in the Microzoophobia category. Some of these related phobias are rather odd and may be considered specific - but odd nonetheless.


The Fear of Cats

As helpless and harmless felines may seem, there are people who are terribly afraid of them. Some are so scared of cats that they'll literally freeze from fear. Some may go so far as to pass out.

No matter what you say to Ailurophobics it is practically impossible to talk them into overcoming their fear. Just the thought of looking at a cat, let alone having one rub up against them, can drive an Ailurophobic into a blacked-out frenzy. This irrational behavior can cause harm to themselves and possibly others.

The only cure that's actually known to work (for some), is a very slow process. It consists of having direct contact with a cat. Therapists recommend having sufferers have a friend who owns a cat to accompany you during your sessions...oh yeah, bring the cat.

The fact the witches are known to keep cats as companions doesn't help with matters none. Cats are thought to possess mystical powers ever since the ancient Egyptians. Witches are usually drawn or sculpted with a black cat nearby or riding along on a broom with a cat on the back hanging on to dear life. In ancient Egyptian tombs and other sacred places, cats are seen drawn on the walls in these highly respected structures.


The Fear of Dogs

This is a common (or "specific") phobia that's usually triggered from a traumatic experience. If a child was bitten severely enough this may cause a fear of dogs even to the point of developing Cynophobia. Some people who say they're afraid of dogs may actually do so, however, they can tolerate small to medium sized dogs as long as there's some distance from them. However, they may prefer to stay well away from large dogs...just in case.


The Fear of Rabbits

Experts and other professionals who deal with phobias seem to believe that some Leporiphobiacs develop their fear of rabbits from the simple belief of the Easter's true!

It's during a persons childhood is when most phobias develop. So the thought of a wild animal, especially a six foot rabbit, lurking around the house can be rather frightening.


The Fear of Snakes

Ophidiophobia is a rather odd, but a common ("specific") phobia. People can develop Ophidiophobia without ever having seen a snake in person. Just seeing a snake can cause an Ophidiophobiac to go into hysterics. Some of the most irrational behavior ever witnessed was due to Ophidophobia.

Another fact about an Ophidophobia is that it does not matter on the size of the snake. Any size snake can cause an Ophidophobiac go into a frenzy.

© 2014 James Timothy Peters


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