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37 Things to do When Feeling Depressed

Updated on May 16, 2010
This is the work of Billy Alexander AKA ba1969. For more of his work navigate to this page
This is the work of Billy Alexander AKA ba1969. For more of his work navigate to this page

Here is my list of things to help with depression. Why only 37 and not 50 or 100? Any list I make is only 37 it is a magic number for me so I keep with it and it stays faithful to me. So please read on:

  1. Take a walk in the rain
  2. Sit down in a quiet place and write how you are feeling. You will feel a whole lot better after it and it's always good to come back and reflect on it

  3. Pat a dog or a cat – animals can be very therapeutic

  4. Go out for lunch and be around people

  5. Write that book that you were going to 5 years ago

  6. Make a scrapbook with all of your favourite photos

  7. Make a phone call and talk to your mum or an old friend that you have not seen in a long time, have a laugh over the phone

  8. Watch a funny movie, personally Adam Sandler is one of my favourite actors

  9. Learn a new instrument but then again that could make your neighbours depressed by listening to your racket but it's always about making you happy so I say go for it

  10. Make a list of the crazy stuff you want to try before you die and stick it on your wall

  11. Paint, even if the finished product looks like something the dog has dragged in

  12. Create a website in the mood you are in it could be an “I Hate” site

  13. Turn the stereo up loud and dance in your lounge room

  14. Take a long hot bubble bath and for a little extra fun if you have a spa fill it up and put the whole bottle in and watch the suds flood through your home

  15. Visit a nursing home and read someone a book or share some pictures that you have. Or simply sit back and listen to the story of their life

  16. Play a computer game and blow the crap out of zombies and aliens (or other people if that is your thing)

  17. Spend some time outside in the sun

  18. Go on a weekend getaway

  19. Enrol in a course to keep your mind active

  20. Change the message answering service on your phone to something insane (I chose “Hi you have reached the little man inside the fridge that turns your light on and off. I will just check to see if anyone is home... Sorry no one is home right now but leave your name and your number and I may get back to you.)

  21. Peel a banana with your feet

  22. Jump onto a social networking site and talk to random strangers

  23. Make up with old enemies, nothing heals the heart faster than forgiveness

  24. On a hot day, lay on some cold tiles – it feels great

  25. Bake yourself a cake, write on top of it ‘Happy Depression Day’ eat it all for yourself

  26. Spend time with children, they make life look so simple and easy to manage

  27. Find a sad movie and cry. My personal favourite is Jessie, it’s an Australian film. And I always think it would suck to have lived her life, mine is so much better

  28. Start a blog and talk about how you are feeling to the world. It may help someone one day

  29. Dress the part; if you are a woman wear some feel good lingerie under a coat before leaving the house. For the men wear nothing at all, exit with only the coat. It can be quite liberating but when you choose to do this, make sure it is not a windy day

  30. Go down to your corner store and flirt with that shop assistant you have had your eyes on

  31. Invite your friends over for a sleepover, make a night of it and turn it into a cocktail party – the kind that leaves your head thumping in the morning

  32. Lay on the beach with a friend and form pictures of the clouds.

  33. Play X rated charades with people you know

  34. Put lipstick on and kiss the mirror over and over again

  35. Write a list of your future goals and look over them everyday

  36. Hug. It can be anyone, your children, partner, friends or some stranger in the street. Just start hugging and don’t stop

  37. Send yourself flowers; have them delivered to your door.


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    • profile image

      copingdepression 6 years ago

      When I am depressed I go out and get pampered. I usually go to a spa to get a massage or just drive around and enjoy being out of the house.

    • profile image

      Kelly  6 years ago

      Where would I be able to find the Australian film Jessie? Or at least a synopsis of it?

      This is a great list, it'll sure be helpful to me :)