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4 Great Reasons To Laugh Every Day If You Want To Feel Better Quicker

Updated on December 2, 2017

Laughter is good for us in so many ways

If you are looking for a great way to start your day, laughing is a good way to do this. In life, all of us need those moments where we can share a laugh with a family member or friend. Or we can also do it when we are alone. Here are 4 great reasons to laugh every day and they are not listed in any order of importance.

Note: the information here is not designed to replace any type of medical treatment and it is also not designed to provide some kind of magical permanent cure from sadness.

A Photo of Annie Lin-entertainment lawyer in San Francisco

Even US based songwriter and entertainment lawyer Annie Lin knows a thing or two about laughing and smiling.
Even US based songwriter and entertainment lawyer Annie Lin knows a thing or two about laughing and smiling.

Feel better by laughing

  1. It makes you feel good

Laughing makes you feel good and it puts a smile on your face. When people laugh, it is generally because they find something funny and they feel good about doing it. It is really important to have some time every day to have humor in your life. Laughing right now is especially important because we all need ways to cope with the fact that there are so many bad things going on. All of us need to laugh to shift our focus to something good. And most of all, a good laugh is free!

A Woman Smiling As She Plays Tennis

Whether you laugh or smile do it as often as you can.
Whether you laugh or smile do it as often as you can.

Stress Relief

2. Laughing relieves stress

Laughing is a great way to relieve and reduce any stresses that you may be experiencing in your life right now. If you try it, you will be amazed at how good you will feel at least in that moment. It will work every time. Other than physical exercise, laughter may be the quickest way to reduce stress.

Longer Life Span

3. A sense of humor helps you to live longer

Numerous studies have proven that when you regularly have a sense of humor, this helps you to live longer. That makes sense because a happy person is healthier and they are less stressed. A sense of humor has also cured some people of serious illnesses. For instance, in the very famous documentary called The Secret (2006), a woman by the name of Cathy Goodman shared her story of how she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors told her that she had only three months left to live and that she should not even bother trying to do anything. But Cathy did not listen to the advice of the doctors and she focused on the fact that she was getting better. She also watched funny movies every day for three months. Three months later, Cathy was cured of breast cancer and she did not have to have any expensive medical treatments!

Fun times by laughter

Have fun by laughing every day!
Have fun by laughing every day!

Focus on more positive things by laughing

4. Laughing helps you to focus on positive things

Laughing helps to take your focus away from what you may be worried or stressed out about and instead, you begin to focus on the more positive aspects of life. This is a simple way to make sure that you can focus on the positive aspects that are out there in this world of ours. When you laugh, you probably focus on watching a funny movie. Or you may be laughing because someone said something that you thought was funny. Whatever your reasons are for laughing, you should always make attempts to laugh a little bit every day.

7 Benefits of Laughter

Final Thoughts About Laughter

If you focus on these 4 great reasons to laugh every day, you will be a happier and healthier person as a result. But if you have a serious problem such as major depression, laughing may not be enough. In serious cases, professional help is needed. But in general, just simply spending some time every day to share a laugh with someone or doing it when you are alone will help you tremendously in the long term. I see no reason for us to be stuck in those moods where we feel that nothing may work out in our favor. So do what you can and try to get out a good dose of laughs every day!

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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