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4 Motivational Weight Loss Apps

Updated on February 25, 2016

4 Motivational Weight Loss Apps


4 Motivational Weight Loss Apps

The famous New Year’s resolution to lose weight is a reasonable resolution to make. Life happens and exercising goes undone while every day stress make us crave high calorie foods. And with all the technology available to us at any given time has made it easier to set and achieve weight loss goals no matter how massive. As a result, the resources made available to us by way of our Android and iPhone devices offer a huge variety of apps free and paid to choose from, however, it is motivation that lacks.

With this in mind I have gathered 4 fantastic weight loss apps that focuses on food logging, activity, and even motivation. There are ways you can modify these weight loss apps to fit your life style, and you can benefit from them as if you had a personal trainer.


This app is free. It is you that could be getting paid. Pact uses the ultimate motivator to keep their users on the proper path of healthy weight loss success, and that is money. Users essentially make a “pact” or promise that they will eat more veggies, exercise daily, or log their food consumption daily. Upon the users successfully completing their “pact” they will receive a payment ($0.30 - $5.00 a week.)

What makes Pact the ultimate weight loss app is how much are you willing to pay if you do not hold up your end of the pact? To emphasize, Pact will debit your account for the amount of money you put on the pact.

There are few opportunities to get paid for losing weight, but Pact has formulated a user friendly and fun approach for users to carry out their promise to lose weight by motivating users with monetary possibilities.

Pact Motivates!




MyFitnessPal is a popular app with a unique feature. This free app has a searchable database loaded with food items that contain their correct calorie count. The app allows users to add food items from the database to their personal food logs, so they have a visual of how many calories they have consumed thus far. The app also enabled users to personalize their diet profile, track their workouts, and call on friends for motivation. It is extremely easy to be social on this app as users can connect with each other, their personal contacts, and the app effortlessly allows users to connect with Facebook.

Users are able to connect the MyFitnessPal app with the Pact app (listed above) and Fitbit to track progress.

Diet Hero App

This app comes with a small price, however, the better selections in life are worth paying for. This is a weight loss app that requires no calorie counting! This app is perfect for users who do not have the time to count calories, and for those who simply do not want to. The main focus of this app is meal planning. With this in mind, users input the foods they like, and currently have available to them at the time. Even having a few groceries available is acceptable. The Diet Hero App displays to the user what meal they can make, and how much to consume. The app even allows users to swap food from the same food group if desired. All the user have to do is input his/her height, weight, gender, weight goal, and how fast they would like to achieve their weight loss goal. And the app will inform users of what to eat, and how much. This app makes customized menus on a whim while supporting weight loss.

7 Minute Workout App

This app is free, and perfect for busy individuals with no time to workout, and no time to visit the gym. This is a scientific workout that was featured by NY Times. The 7 Minute Workout App utilizes the time taken to workout in the best possible way by providing a full body workout. This app will allow users to benefit from a full workout without taking too much time from their busy work schedule.

NY Times: The Advanced 7-Minute Workout


To summarize, motivation is a huge component to staying on the weight loss path. And while there are many weight loss apps available for Android and Apple products it is important to keep in mind that not all of them are designed to keep users motivated. There has to be a strong reason as to why a user should download and obligate themselves to use the app regularly. This article focused on weight loss apps that should keep users motivated throughout the weight loss process. As an overview, Pact allows users to pay or be paid upon completion of a promise task such as; eating more veggies, exercising daily, or logging their food consumption daily. MyFitnessPal has an extensive searchable database with many food items and there correct calorie count. MyFitnessPal also connect to the Pact app and Fitbit. The Diet Hero App allow users to input their favorite food and the food they have at hand. And this app will create a meal for users, and inform them how much of the meal to eat. The 7 Minute Workout App is a NY Times feature app that was design to give users a full workout within minutes.

Which One of These Apps Would You Use?

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    • Maggalynn Grace profile imageAUTHOR

      Maggalynn Grace 

      2 years ago from Michigan


    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice and informative hub about these wonderful apps to motivate people for weight loss.

      You are right --to keep ourselves motivated while following a weight loss program is most important. Most of the times, we start with great enthusiasm but then lose interest.

      I would like to download some of them to keep the motivation alive.

      Thank you for sharing!


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