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4 Natural Treatments to Clear Acne Scars

Updated on September 22, 2012

If you are like me and have or have had severe acne then you have to know that it is embarrassing at the least. But, what is worse than having bad skin are the scars that come along with them. The scarring from having acne or popping the occasional pimple can make you feel very self-conscious. Let’s take a look together and see if there is a way to treat acne scars.

There are many products out there now that not only treat acne but also treat acne scars. These products have some degree of risk because of the chemicals that companies use in them. So what other options do you have to help treat the scars? Instead of having laser treatments or chemicals burning away at layers of skin what things at home help more naturally.

Oatmeal Cleanser

There is one home remedy that I have come across and have some great success in using to get rid of acne scarring. It is simply to make at home all you need is some oatmeal powder and some rose water which you can get at your local grocery store. You mix them together to form a small paste before a shower leave it on for about 15 min and then rinse off. Apply it daily for about 2 weeks and you will see significant reduction in the scarring tissue you have.


The same principal as the cleanser above also applies to a natural honey mixture. The honey contains natural enzymes and antioxidants that are great at removing dirt and oil from the skin and leaving your skin healthy looking and bright. Leave it on for about 15 min for two weeks and you should see significant scar tissue reduction.

Lemon Juice

Another product that is natural is the pure lemon juice you can also get at your local grocery store. Take a small cotton swap or ball of cotton and apply where needed. The natural citric acid in lemon juice helps redo the skin cells of where the scarring is and can be helpful in getting them removed. Then as new skin goes it will replace the scar tissue and the scar reduction will be significant. As the other ones leave on for about 15 min and then rinse off daily.

Aloe Vera

Another product come from the aloe plant, you guessed it aloe Vera is a natural gel that has many different health benefits. The most common is sunburn but has a great healing capacity in helping to reduce the signs of scarring from acne. You can purchase real aloe Vera leafs from most health stores or they can be found online. Apply the gel for about an hour on a daily basis and then rinse it off.

Most of tha natural remedies of course should be fine for the majority of people but if you detect or have an allergy reaction please discontinue and see your doctor. So along with these tips you should be able to get nice healthy looking skin and finally be rid of those acne scars forever.


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