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4 Positive Effects of Stress

Updated on August 19, 2010

It may sound surprising and absurd? But stress is not as scary as you think. Whoever you are, the stress, pressure from work or from a relationship is not so bad, the positive effects of stress certainly come as a surprise.


1. Stress helps you create

We usually have more stress when we move onto a new path because it was new to you and you do not know how other people deal with it. If you have the opportunity to ask a writer or an artist on the creative process of their art, you'll hear that they achieve best results when under stress and suffering. Dr - psychologist Larina Kase, says, "Stress is often accompanied by a breakthrough in creativity. If your mind is completely normal and comfortable, you will not have any reason to see things differently.".

2. Stress is good for the immune system

Many studies show the body's immune system to benefit from the short-wave stress elicit the "fight or flee" (the tension is when you do the test, race or play games with time limits.) "Stress can be useful for the immune system," it is claimed by Dr. Mark Goulston -psychiatrist. Doctor also explained cortisol (also called "stress hormone") appearing will increase immunity to the body, but only where balanced and moderate. The explosion wave stress can help your body become strong, passionate and even healthy, but excessive stress can lead to overload of cortisol, a cause of abdominal obesity. And this type of local obesity related to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cerebrovascular disease.

3. Stress can make you feel more healthy after undergoing surgery or medical treatments

Recent research suggests a link between short-term stress before surgery or medical treatment to the level undergoing rehabilitation after this period. Fighting spirit can support patients in the fight against breast cancer, but many studies have shown that stress can prevent the production of estrogen – that leads to the formation of breast cancer. Whether this view is not completely scientific consensus, but there is still a proof that stress is not entirely bad. Dr. Goulston explains: "Stress is a reaction occurs when our bodies to face the challenges, dangers, or even entering a new opportunity. Role of stress reduction to prevent adrenaline, helps you focus and think clearly over. "


4. Stress helps solve the problem

You experienced stress due to face a difficult situation in life or to give an important decision? Stress - this fact can be quite useful, because stress manifestation of our values. If you do not care , you will not worry about it. So, listen to what stress is trying to tell you. Many studies show that people feel happiest when they understand their own emotions and deal with it. However, excessive anxiety can cause the opposite effect.


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