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4 Reasons You Need to Try The 21-Day Fix

Updated on January 1, 2016

What is the 21-Day Fix?

The 21- Day Fix is the first fitness and nutrition program that provides portion-control containers and fun but challenging 30 minute anaerobic workouts. 21- Day Fix gives you all the tools to eat right and exercise so you don’t have to spend all your time preparing meals and pumping iron in the gym. All you have to do is one 30-minute workout per day and follow the simple to use eating plan.

#1 It's Simple!

  1. Much of the problem lies in the amount of food we eat. Especially in America we tend to eat servings that are two to three times bigger than needed especially when it comes to carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates are not bad and that is what is so nice about 21-Day Fix, you can eat carbs! It is all about the portions and the color-coordinated containers make it super easy. The kit comes with 6 containers: Red for protein, yellow for carbs, green for veggies, purple for fruit, orange for oils and healthy fats and blue for nuts and seeds. All you have to do is fill the container with the respective food type and go!

Easy to use color-coordinated portion control containers
Easy to use color-coordinated portion control containers

It Improves your Mood!

It Improves your Mood –Studies have shown that even 30 minutes of moderate exercise increases positive well-being. Exercise has been used to treat depression and even been proven to be just as effective as anti-depressants in some cases.

Many will notice that in the minutes and hours following their workout their mood will improve immensely. This is because during anaerobic workouts the body releases endorphins, increases metabolism and circulation. Rather than jogging for 30 minutes slow and steady which is less effective at burning fat and releasing hormones that improve mood and change body composition. The boot-camp styled workouts are 30 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training. This means a higher heart rate, higher muscle output and more calories burned. In short, this type of workout leads to changes in body composition faster than any other.

Increase your Energy and Eat Carbs!

Increase your Energy and Eat Carbs! - One of the number one complaints among American adults is a lack of energy. Interestingly, one of the main reasons for this is our sugar intake. The reason this is interesting is because sugar is an energy packed food. Remember as a kid when you ate a candy bar or sipped a coke and BOOM! You went on turbo mode for the next 10 minutes! As kids we could get away with this. As adults, when our bodies take in high amounts of simple carbs or sugar our insulin spikes. Usually this happens during our lunch when we have eaten white bread on our sandwich or drank a soda with our meal. Then comes the 2pm crash. After our body’s blood sugar has risen and starts to fall we become sluggish and sleepy. Then we reach for a cup of coffee, often putting table sugar in it or worse we have an energy drink. This causes another spike in insulin and the roller coaster ride continues. In addition, the excessive afternoon caffeine decreases the amount of restful sleep your body needs to rebuild and re-energize. The next day you get back on the insulin roller coaster again with all its dips and peaks throughout the day all the while increasing caffeine to mask the effects of this destructive love affair with sugar. This is where the portion-control containers really help.

Improve your Appearance

  1. – Most of us workout to look better. Many of us pretend not to care and like to tell our friends and co-workers we are just trying to get “healthier” and not getting “All Crazy” and don’t want to turn into a “Gym Rat”. However, if I asked anyone working out what the main reason they have for dedicating hours in the gym most if not all will put appearance at the top of their list. This is not a bad thing; so don’t feel guilty about having this as a goal. As a matter of fact, your appearance may be the biggest motivator that gets you started on your new path and keeps you there. Changing your body composition can change your whole outlook on life. It will change the way you are perceived.

When people see you the first thing they notice is your appearance. Your body composition tells a potential employer, love interest or client a lot about your health. Whether they know it or not your appearance effects their decisions, whether that is to hire you, buy your product or go on a second date. Not only does your appearance effect how others perceive you it effects how you perceive yourself. Do you carry yourself confidently? Are you confident? When you feel good about the way you look you carry yourself more confidently. You feel great; have more energy and you look great!

The 21-Day Fix isn’t a magic pill or some gimmicky weight loss shake. You have to do the work. It isn’t easy, but it is a simple and sensible way to change your life for the better. It takes 21 days to change a habit. What better habit to develop than to start exercising more and eating better!


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    • Fuelursoul profile image

      Fuelursoul 2 years ago

      This sounds like a simple no nonsense approach to feeling better and looking better.