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4 Shortcut Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Updated on June 12, 2016

There are many ways to lose weight like supplements and pills. But i don't like weight loss supplements and pills. Here I am going to tell you 4 simple easiest ways to lose weight immediately and naturally without any supplements and pills. You will see results just in a week. Lets get started!

1. Drinking Water

You should have at least 8 glasses of water a day! Water rinses out unwanted toxins from your body and keeps your brain sharp. It keeps you hydrated. Extra benefit is that drinking lot of water speeds up metabolism. If you drink 3 liters a day, you can lose 4 pounds in 4 days.

2. Meal:

  1. Don’t’ skip breakfast: Some peoples think skipping breakfast is a quick way to shed pounds or lose weight, but it’s not true. Breakfast specifically helps to keep blood sugar and hormone levels regular and gives your metabolism a boost to burn more calories through the day. Adding more protein and low fat dairy to your diet helps as well. Protein induces a large release of the chemical PYY, which goes to the brain and suppresses hunger signals. Simply adding 10% more protein to your food can keep you full much longer.

  2. Don’t starve yourself: Do you think if you starve yourself, you would lose weight. No, it’s not true. When you starve yourself, your body and brain create intense urges to eat high-calorie foods as opposed to healthy options. So, don’t starve yourself.

  3. Speaking of soup: it's perhaps one of the best kept diet secrets. When you drink a glass of water with your meal, the fluid is easily absorbed before your food is digested which quickly brings down the stomach size making you feel hungry.

    Take that same meal and puree it in a blender and the fluids have a much harder time being absorbed quickly. This means your stomach stays expanded, making you feel full for longer.

  4. Count your calories: if you want to lose weight faster, counting calories is very helpful. Studies show that people who actively document their food intake by using a journal have drastic improvements over those who don't.

    Furthermore, knowing a coffee has 10 calories but a cappuccino has 100, gives you the opportunity to structure your diet to eat more while taking less calories. And while it may seem trivial, reducing your plate size can drastically change your food intake. Studies show that a simple change from 12 to 10 inches can reduce the amount of food you eat by up to 22%. Our bodies have a hard time turning down food in front of us even when we're full. So, the less food on your plate, the better.

  5. Avoid all beverages and sugary foods: All beverages including sodas, energy drinks are packed with calories. So it makes more difficult to achieve weight loss. Also avoid eating sugary foods such as bread, cake, candying bar etc. It is so important if you want to lose weight quickly.


An easy way to lose weight is physical activity. By joining an athletic team. Basketball, tennis, track and other organized activities will assist in burning calories and losing weight quickly.

3. Exercise:

30 minutes of Exercise is enough for weight loss. Not only does the physical active exercise burn calories immediately, scientist recently found that it continues to burn fat while you sleep. During exercise your body uses up most of its available carbohydrates for energy and replaces them over the next 24 hours. In the mean time, it begins to break down your fat storage for basic functions such as walking, talking and even sleeping.


Both sleep deprivation and stress levels increase appetite, making it harder to keep off the pounds.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Have you ever made a fruit or vegetable juice at home?

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4. Vegetable and Fruit Juicing:

Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are so beneficial for weight loss quickly. Now I want to go over real quick why juicing is so beneficial to lose weight fast.

  1. It provides you with hydration: Fruits and vegetables are full of water content. Most fruits and vegetables are over 80 to 90 percent water content. This is nature’s purified water without any kind of water filter, without any kind of plastic bottles. The plants absorb the water through the ground, it filtered it, it added nutrition, and now it’s all in there for you to enjoy. You know, in my opinion one of the causes for weight gain is basically fluid retention, and our bodies will retain fluid if we’re not getting enough fluids in. So simply staying hydrated with the living water that the vegetable and fruit juices provide one of the best things.

  2. It provides nutrition: Number two reason why juicing is so good, it’s going to give your body the nutrition it needs to thrive. People are eating these fast foods, packaged foods, white food products, white sugar, white flour, things that have all the nutrients out of it. When’s the last time you looked at the nutrition facts on some junk food. It’s almost all zeros except for the calories and the fat and the sodium. I want you guys to focus on the nutrients such as the vitamins and minerals, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, selenium, calcium, magnesium. All the different vitamins and minerals but also phytonutrients and phytochemicals. And these are what our body really craves, you know it’s said in America we are overfed and undernourished, and that’s because we’re eating a lot of foods that are high in calories but foods that are low in nutrients, and the fruits and vegetables are the things that are the most nutrient dense on the planet, they have the most nutrients with the least amount of calories.

  3. It has low calories: That gets me to reason number three, why juicing is so good – because it has low calories. One of the big things that I see going on all the time is that people think to lose weight you’ve got to exercise. Well you know, I agree that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and everybody should exercise, but I think the bigger problem is people eat too many calories and then they have to exercise to burn off the extra calories.

    So for me personally, I exercise a moderate amount, I’m not a super workout dude or anything like that. But I believe, and based on what I have seen, if you lower your calorie intake by eating low calorie foods such as predominantly fruits and vegetables, get some exercise, and not eat the high calorie foods, you’re going to lose weight. It’s pretty much a mathematical equation.

    Now some people think fruits got sugar in them, so that’s going to make them fat. Well in my opinion that’s completely false. One of the cool things that have been documented in the scientific journals lately is that there are properties, although there is sugar in the fruits, there are also phytonutrients in the fruits that block the absorption of the sugar so you’re not getting all the sugar from the fruits that you’re eating, you’re only getting a small percent.

    But the other thing we want to focus on is that we’re getting massive amounts of phytonutrients and phytochemicals. I’ll be juicing just in a second some of these collard greens. Collard greens are the Brassica family of plants, which include broccoli, cauliflower, kale, these kind of things, have been shown to have cancer-fighting properties and different nutrients in it. So they are definitely really good for us.

  4. Super-size the amount of fruits and vegetables: Reason number five juicing is so good is because it’s going to allow you to super-size the amount of fruits and vegetables that you can consume. If you’re going to use a Nutribullet or a Ninja blender or even a Vitamix or a Blendtech, blending is not the same as juicing.

    When you blend five pounds of produce like we have here, you literally get five pounds of mush, and in general you’d have to add extra water to the blender for it to work properly. Number one that contains a fiber which is harder for your body to digest, and number two, that’s a lot more material that now you’ll have to consume. I don’t know if my stomach could fit all this with all the fiber, but let me tell you once I remove all the fiber in the juicer, I’ll easily be able to get the nutrition less the fiber out of these five pounds of fruits and vegetables. And that’s the beauty of juicing to me.

Huh!! Very Funny Situation for Me. It Might Not Be Funny for You

I hope that my article will help you to lose weight fast. So follow them, and see results in a week. If you have any question, please leave a comment down below.

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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 22 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice hub with very useful tips!

      Fruit and vegetable diet can help to get desired results.

      Thank you for sharing!