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5 Things You Need To Stop Doing At The Gym

Updated on March 11, 2015

Always Posting on Social Media

It seems like peopler spend more time telling everyone on twitter that they are at the gym rather than actually working out at the gym. A check-in at the gym seems to be more important than taking their pre workout.

My saying has always been “Don’t let your mouth say you go to the gym, that's what your body is for.” Basically do not post on social media about another day at the gym when you look like you are more into a cold cut club than a health club.

Posting Gym Selfies

Guys and girls are both guilty of posting gym selfies in the locker room mirror. Don’t lie, you have a gym selfie in there. Oh, you don’t, go look through your photos, i’ll wait…… yep told you.

It’s almost always the same photo too; every girl has their front leg slightly bent, starring at the phone which is at chin level.

The guys are always looking at their phone while flexing the biceps of the free arm.

Seriously stop looking at your phone when taking the picture when there is a huge mirror right in front of your face. It feels like they’re subconsciously looking into a screen that closely resembles the size of their brain. When you look into the tiny screen of your phone with a huge mirror right in front of you, its like going to an all you can eat buffet and only getting one slider.

Unsolicited Advice

I have been a licensed personal trainer for 7 years while being a consistent gym rat for 15, I do not give unsolicited advice or do I want your your advice on how I should move my elbows slightly in to really get to my pecs.

Someone gets through a third of their P90X DVD and all of a sudden they think they are personal trainer.

Every gym has them, the one guy that placed second to last in bodybuilding competition so he thinks that his way is not only the right way, but the only way. Now of course if you see someone training wrong to point where they are endangering themselves, but telling me that I should never go below 15 reps with my leg curls is just annoying.

Crossfit in a Regular Gym

Every time there is a workout craze, everyone is all up in it like nosey Nancy in your business. Crossfit is now to what Tae-Bo was in a time cheesy boy bands and dial up internet.

The problem is that Crossfit is really expensive, like “Do you want to do Crossfit this month have electricity expensive.” Most people can shell out almost $100 a month, (Yeah, its seriously that expensive) but they certainly can pay $20 for a Planet Fitness so why not just do it there. NO! I don't want to se you do your Nancys or Clares of Esthers or whatever name you gave your workout that week. Crossfit requires a lot of moving around and barbells and yelling, grunting and more chalk than a hopscotch tournament, and if I see you trying to run to the pullup bar to do your burped pulp russian twist calf raise, I’m literally tripping you and hoping your spartan race shirt from 2010 rips.

Neon Clothing

I find it funny that the people wearing the most colorful clothes in the gym are the ones i want to see the least when I’m at gym. You should not look like a night construction worker when you’re under the bright halogen lights of a gym. And why do they have matching outfits for everyday of the week, even different shoes. We get it, you had money left from you paleo diet to buy a lot of clothes.

Which is your biggest pet peeves at the gym

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