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4 Tips To Easy and Fast Weight Loss

Updated on March 3, 2016

Many hubbers will agree with me that the most difficult goals to achieve in life is that if weight loss. Keeping weight loss is more difficult than just losing weight. There are many options of losing weight but not all methods work for everybody. For some people, exercising and plain dieting will help them lose weight. But for others simply plain dieting and exercising is never enough and they will need to take weight loss supplements, pills and sometimes work harder than others.

So bear in mind not to get weight loss tips from other people as this may not work for you. In addition, some of the recommended methods or tips can be harmful to your body. Bottom line is that you need to make a decision on how you are going to lose weight or burn excessive fat. If you have preferred to tread the path of the conventional diet and exercise, then I will give you some tips in this hub:

Avoiding Junk Foods:

Your weight loss efforts will definitely go down the drain if you aren’t able to keep yourself from eating processed food and junk. These foods normally have high calorie content and will add to your already extra pounds. Always strive to eat healthy.

To make sure that you don't give in to any temptations, always make sure you have a substantial stock of vegetables and raw fruits in your house. Also ensure that you prepare your own meals, so you can make a decision on how much oil to use or not to use. Have in your mind the less oil you consume, the less fat you body will preserve and the better for you!

Eating in small portions:

Stop being lazy. You may think that if you consume a meal just once a day you will live anyway but if you want to lose weight then eating a large meal may not be in your best interest.

You should split your large meal into four or five small portions and eat each small portion every four or five hours. Anytime you eat, your metabolism will always increase and you will be able to burn some fat. Plus it helps to hold back your appetite as you will not be feeling hungry all the time!

Cutting down calories without depriving yourself:

You will always lose weight only when you eat less calories than what you burn, and to make sure that you can achieve this end, you should start reducing on your calorie intake by small portions every day.

On the other hand ,you should look to it that in the quest of reducing your calorie intake, you don't withdraw yourself of your favorite foods, otherwise you will find yourself binge eating which will cause excessive fat and weight gain!


Exercising is one of the greatest ways to lose weight or excessive fat. However much you don’t like to workout at the gym, you should do it if you are serious about losing weight. Workouts not only increase your metabolism rate, it also increases your muscles mass.

Increase in your metabolic rate as well as your muscle mass will help you reduce excessive fat in less time. You should also realize that you increase your physical activity level as much as you can. If you go to work or marketplace in your car, start using your legs by walking instead. If you reach your workplace room eith the elevator, take to the stairs instead!

As you have seen, there is no better way to lose weight than by diet and exercise. However, it is not a must that it will work for you, then your best bet is to visit your physician and seek further counsel. More often than not, your physician will ask you either to take some pills or weight loss supplements or go for surgery.


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    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Hi Peter, You just have to do them, if you are battling with weight gain/loss problem

    • Peter Owen profile image

      Peter Owen 6 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

      good basics never get old. I just have a problem doing them!

    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Yes...That is right,the most important topics is to eat small portions of food and exercise regularly

    • sisterofdummy profile image

      sisterofdummy 6 years ago

      I also wrote a couple of hubs about weight loss. I believe that the doctors all say - Eat right, Sleep enough, and Exercise! I know there is much more to the topic of weight loss than that. You have to stay away from processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, ANY artificial sweeteners (like Splenda). Healthy ways to sweeten food or drink are honey, stevia, or organic cane sugar.