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4 Ways Dirty Carpets Are Ruining Your Kids’ Health and What You Can Do About It.

Updated on January 25, 2016

The same carpet that makes your floors more luxurious act as a storage depot for every unhealthy particle that crosses its path. While regular vacuuming can prevent dust and dirt from building up, a vacuum cleaner can’t address more serious problems that may pose a threat to you and to the most vulnerable members of your family: your kids.

Dust and Mites

Dust is a common allergy trigger, and it can be found in abundance in your rugs along with the dead skin and hair cells that your family sheds each day. These provide food for microscopic dust mites. Though you may not be able to see them, there could be hundreds of thousands of these mites in the carpets throughout your home. As they live, eat and die, they leave behind droppings and casings that can trigger allergic reactions in as many as 30 percent of people. Using a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter can help minimize concentrations of dust and dust mites, but kids are still at high risk for exposure since they spend more time close to the carpets than adults do.

dust and mites carpet cleaning
dust and mites carpet cleaning | Source

Pets and Pathogens

If you have pets, there are pet by-products in your carpet. These may include dander, urine, feces and leftover bits of food. Urine in particular poses a hazard due to its ammonia content, which can cause a multitude of respiratory problems.

In addition to what pets leave behind, these common pathogens can also build up in the fibers of your rugs over time to concentrations of as much as 200,000 microbes per square inch:

  • Bacteria, including foodborne pathogens such as campylobacter and salmonella
  • Viruses such as norovirus
  • Fungi

Children with severe allergies and asthma may experience aggravated symptoms from both pets and pathogens in homes where carpets don’t receive routine cleaning.

carpet pets cleaning
carpet pets cleaning | Source

Pesticides and Herbicides

Anything used to kill bugs indoors or to manage weeds outdoors inevitably winds up in your floor coverings. Bug sprays settle into fibers, and lawn treatments get tracked in after time spent in the yard. These chemicals can pose threats to people of all ages but are especially problematic for children. Since kids are smaller than adults, the concentrations of pesticides and herbicides that may build up in their bodies is comparably much higher. Chemical exposure has been linked to the development of hormonal imbalances, cancer development, nervous system disorders and reproductive abnormalities. These threats are serious concerns for young children whose bodies need clean environments to support proper development. Switching to natural bug and weed control methods is a good place to start, but you also need to ensure that any residual chemicals are removed from your carpets.

baby carpet cleaning
baby carpet cleaning | Source

The best way to protect the health of your entire family from the threats lurking in your rugs is to schedule a professional cleaning once or twice a year or as dictated by your warranty. Home Wizard’s services address the problems that vacuuming and spot treatments can’t. Give their professional cleaners a call today for a free quote or to find out more about how Home Wizard can help keep your family healthy. More info regarding professional carpet cleaning.


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