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4 Ways to Care for Yourself When You’re Feeling Sad

Updated on January 17, 2017

As a child, all it takes is simple TLC to make you feel better when you’re sad. Your favorite teddy bear and blanket, a good movie, and some snuggles from a loved one, and you’re ready to face a new day with zest. As you get older, taking care of yourself becomes more complicated. With no parent to make you soup and hold your hand, you’re lost about how to take care of yourself. Instead of doing anything that’s beneficial, you don’t eat for 5 days and stay up all night posting sadder and sadder Whatsapp statuses so everyone knows you’re miserable. You’re looking for a savior that never comes.

These dramatics are fine when you’re young, but eventually, you realize you’re a full grown adult and you need to make your own chicken soup. Or, order your own chicken soup from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered to you. You know, adulting. Instead of posting the best feeling alone status ever, use some of these tips to pamper yourself next time you’re feeling sad.

1) Take a Walk

Wallowing should be an Olympic sport with the way some of us go at it when we’re feeling sad. But hiding under your covers in full hermit mode is not a healthy way to act. Sitting alone in the dark is only going to make you sadder, so try taking a walk next time you’re sad. Fresh air will do your mind and body good, and exercise has proven capabilities to improve your mood. Get your endorphins flowing and take a stroll instead of wallowing. It doesn’t matter where, just go outside and enjoy nature for an hour.

Nature: It's what's for happy people!
Nature: It's what's for happy people! | Source

2) Me Time Vs. Us Time

Depending on your personality, you may feel happier being alone or spending quality time with your loved ones. A lot of people have a tendency to isolate themselves when they’re feeling sad; this isn’t the same as someone who feels better after getting some much needed alone time. If you tend to hide when you’re sad, what you need is to see your friends and family who remind you that life isn’t so bad. Air out your problems and let your friends lift you out of your funk. On the other hand, those who are overwhelmed from taking care of everybody else can benefit from some “me” time. We could all use a break from the people we love sometimes. Book a massage day, read a book, just breathe without everyone’s expectations making you sad.

Do you benefit from "me time" or "us time" when you're sad?

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Better for your body than a spa day when consumed regularly.
Better for your body than a spa day when consumed regularly. | Source

3) Do Something Healthy For Your Body

We all like to treat ourselves when we’re feeling sad, whether it’s buying new shoes or splurging on a day of golf. These treats are great at cheering you up when you’re blue, but they’re a form of immediate gratification. Next time you’re feeling alone, try something longer term that’s healthy for your body. Treat yourself to fresh fruits and veggies from a farmers market for a month. Find a yoga or meditation class to do twice a week. Stop drinking alcohol for a month. Treating your body better will make you feel so great you’ll likely keep it up long after you’ve stopped posting sad status updates and crying images all over your social media.

4) Do Something Healthy For Your Mind

It’s so easy to go down a social media spiral when you’re feeling sad. Instead of posting crying images on your Tumblr and for real crying while watching everyone have fun on Snapchat, take a social media break. The internet has a tendency to confirm everything bad you’re feeling, which is definitely unnecessary when you’re already in a downward spiral. Ban yourself from social media until you’re feeling better. Text your friends and ask them to send you funny memes to cheer you up. Call your parents or a relative you haven’t talked to in a long time. Surround your mind with positive images and uplifting words for a few days. It’s okay to take a break from the internet. It’ll still be there when you’re in a better headspace.

No more tears...turn off the Snapchat.
No more tears...turn off the Snapchat. | Source

Tell me: What makes you feel better when you're sad?

© 2017 M. Rose


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