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4 different and delicious tuna during diet recipes

Updated on March 23, 2016

It's that tuna the best nutritious foods known to be added to a diet or a diet to lose the weight that follows.

Too often tuna is his friendly days of the diet, where they can be addressed in the lunch and dinner and also for breakfast, too, but sometimes you can be bored, because the normal way tuna recording or in its traditional form, before especially that by the time you follow the accursed system passage is your lower your body is ill more than before.

There you can lose your enthusiasm and your will, that you will help lose weight, because that it is necessary NOAA in your food a few days until the damned strong and you will remain high, until you get to your ideal weight.

This offer Here are some simple ways Al eat tuna different and delicious way to help.

- Klop tuna sandwich:

You can use brown bread toast with slices of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers and add the tuna you like best, but skip the mayonnaise.

- Bergr tuna:

Bring activities liquid mustard and mayonnaise and a little salt and black pepper, plus an egg and a little breeding ground and a pack of tuna.

Bring a pot large and modes in which tuna after all liquidation of oil Owl me evaluation, then add the cup of crumbs of 50-60 grams, the egg, add to the mixture along with a tablespoon of mayonnaise and the appropriate amount of liquid hot pepper, add to it a little mustard, salt and pepper to be desired should I this woman liquid chili, black pepper help the smell note rid Aligarh existing tuna.

- Alm Kron-H tuna:

Bag of pasta with 5 tablespoons chopped onion and two tablespoons of tomato sauce, paprika-colored or taste spicy green pepper, two tablespoons of chopped parsley 5 tablespoon of oil, two cans of tuna, a tablespoon of tomato paste, cumin and salt and pepper, olive clip washers and small Jane mozzarella taste.

- Trivia:
In a pot on the fire Add oil until it is heated and then Put onion and a pinch of salt until soft at all.

-Ravi It chopped tomatoes or green colored nationalist and pepper stir well.

-Ravi tomatoes and a little black pepper and salt paste, as you want with a quarter cup of water.

Add the cumin, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčolives, tuna, but make sure it is filtered well, then add the parsley and my heart gently.

In another bowl nationalist Bulk pasta in the water until it can be completely Soaiha then drain into the sauce and add tuna and Qlbhe Bragaf and serve hot.

- Sulth tuna:

It is the tuna salad the most famous dishes Dieting and nutritionally advantageous and that helps a lot of weight, with a small onion and the fruit of cucumbers and peppers, use one tablespoon of sweet corn, bring two-thirds of a cup of feta cheese and two-thirds a cup of olive oil portion national average losing little lettuce and tomato.


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