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Four Legit Reasons Why I Decided to Meditate

Updated on April 5, 2013

Meditative Peace Feeds a Quieting Mind

My introduction to meditation was through my naturopath. She did a brain bio-feedback workup on me. I found the testing fun and pleasant, since I anticipated learning how to affect my sense of well-being.

During the process she showed me the brain waves, then had me close my eyes. The doctor took me through a breathing awareness exercise and remarked on how well I responded.

Then she returned to the exercise and asked me to visualize something or some pleasant experience. It was a slam-dunk for me. I visualized swimming a slow side-stroke in a small local lake where I spent many a Summer's day.

The naturopath's enthusiasm for the abrupt drop in my stress level matched the increase in my sense of calm. I bought the CD she prescribed, and left the office a happy woman, and a believer in meditation.

If we all lived in such peaceful settings as those shown here, we would emit a peaceful aspect to everyone we encounter. Yet meditation is free for the taking, simple, and healthy, but for many of us the discipline is elusive.

Meditation leads to feelings of tranquility, if we cultivate the habit. Too often reality - like what is just out of the picture - encroaches on our lives and shatters our serenity.

These reasons and steps to meditation demonstrate how easy it is to begin and maintain the practice. The videos, lay it all out for the inquisitive. Maybe even just one of them will appeal to you, to quiet a busy mind. See how meditation can enhance well-being, bringing a peaceful state in just a few minutes time..

When we link a peaceful image into our memory, we can call it up to calm inner turmoil, or erase daily fatigue.

This may be a good time to accept legitimate scientific appraisals of the benefits of meditation. Find the links below, in the Links section. I pray that this lens brings you one step inside the peaceful door.

I took all the photographs

Focus On 4 Important Meditation Outcomes

Mental Intention to Meditate

I like to begin my meditation by focusing on a beautiful scene. Either I position myself so I can see something pleasant and quiet outside the window, or I watch beginning of a meditation video, or look at a peaceful photograph or at a blooming houseplant.

I take a few slow breaths. As I notice my breathing, thoughts about my business day melt away - sometimes easily and other times only after prayer and slow breathing.

Eventually, the gentle task of letting my breath-consciousness reign submerges me in the quiet world.

Many aspects of life can be enhanced by adopting the practice of meditation.

Realize an Inner State of Calm

Set aside preoccupations with problems by diverting the focus from finding solutions - to focusing on and enhancing the awareness of the breath.

Think As If On Auto Focus

Let solutions come by ceasing to search them out - rather like waking refreshed from a good night's sleep, receiving a knowing of the right answer, the next steps to take, in some critical regard.

Appreciate Body Wellness

Deep breathing feeds our tissues and organs on oxygen. The regularity of the inhalations and exhalations nourishes the body, and enhances our ability to relax.

Enjoy the Refreshing Breeze of Unified Thinking

While our modern lives can fragment our attention, establishing a practice of meditation can pull our thoughts and emotions deep into our base, making us feel at one with ourselves. When our thoughts and feelings are in sync, we feel whole.

Science shows a relocation of activity from the right side to the more restful left side of the brain, with practiced meditation. Read More.

Do You Like What You See?

Sensory input affects our moods and abilities to master our circumstances. Take a moment and look at the View Out My Window, below. Then close your eyes and recall the serenity of the scene. Fell better?

Are you willing to try meditation?

Serenity Through My Window

Serenity Through My Window
Serenity Through My Window

My Preparation to Meditate

Organizing My Environment

1. Make the Intention

I make the silent statement that I am preparing to meditate. Looking around the area, I select a seat without distractions, neither too warm nor too cold.

2. Silence All Sounds

Most times, it works best to eliminated all audible distractions, such as radio, television, timers, music, fans, air conditioner.

However, when outside noises cannot be silenced (school marching band practice, neighbors partying outdoors, movers loudly hauling goods in or out of a neighbor's home), some sort of white noise is helpful, to break up recognizable speech or sounds. For that I like to use a fan or AC.

3. Wear the Right Shoes or Slippers

Some of my chairs are too high to sit in without shoes with at least 1.5" heels, so I ensure that I am wearing them if I choose one of those chairs. The sofa is low enough to wear slippers or no shoes, but it is still comfortable in low heels. I make my decision as to where to sit with that in mind.

4. Face Away From Bright Lights

Even with my eyes closed, if I am facing a large bright window, I may find it distracting when I sit down, if some activity is taking place within my visual field.

5. Close The Door With Pets Out of the Room

I like to save enjoyment of frolicking pets and children for after meditating.

6. Ensure The Family is Aware That I am Meditating

If there is any chance that family or friends might enter the room during my session, I like to put up a card that states: "Meditating" on it, so they will refrain from interrupting me.

7. Choose the Particular Meditation Aid

I decide on the video or CD to use, or choose a silent meditation, self-directed.

8. Set a Timer

If my time is limited I may set a timer in an adjoining room, far enough away to muffle the sound and not bring my meditation period to a jarring end.

Print Out My Meditation Card

You may want to print my meditation card, if there might be a need to emphasize to anyone entering your meditation space - that you are in a quiet zone.

This can work, to train others, even children, but to do so requires some discipline on your part. Ensure that you put the card away as soon as the session ends, so your family can trust that the little sign really means what it says.

Feel free to download this image from my photograph, and print it on a card, if you have a program that allows you to print your own photographs.

Simply fold the card in half, so the text is visible from both sides. This is a standard smaller size greeting card

Quick & Easy Meditation - Learn How, Fast

Calmness with Meditative State of Mine

This short video is sedating in it's soothing music and the sight of the seashore as waves break. Deeply relaxing!

My Peaceful Focus

My Peaceful Focus
My Peaceful Focus

Meditation Poll

Are you convinced the benefits of meditation are worth the time it takes?

See results

Favorite Meditation Videos

Enjoy a variety of meditation styles. It's easy, using Favorite Meditation Videos

Beginning Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction for Beginners: The Garden of NOW
Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction for Beginners: The Garden of NOW

I like the reminders of specific exercises, sounds and images in one disc.


Serenity in a Disc

Zen Garden Relaxation & Meditation
Zen Garden Relaxation & Meditation

Stunning visuals for mental transport to an ultimately peaceful setting.


Soothing Water Sights and Sounds

Zen Garden Tranquil Waters - Relaxation & Meditation
Zen Garden Tranquil Waters - Relaxation & Meditation

I like the benefits of bringing the imagery of a zen garden into the meditation space.


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    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      Saying your life is too busy and hectic for time to meditate - proves that meditation is needed. People just need to prioritize it above time-wasting things they do.

    • profile image

      nifwlseirff 4 years ago

      Keeping pets out of the room is important - otherwise they will ask for attention and distract as much as they can! I find meditation helps in decreasing pain or at least helping me manage the pain and get through the day with less medication 'help' - much healthier and cheaper!

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 5 years ago from Alabama USA

      I like how I feel after meditation, great lens.

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 5 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      Yes you are correct. meditation gives us many advantages. particularly, increase the ability to solve complex problems. like your vids

    • CoolFool83 profile image

      CoolFool83 5 years ago

      Meditation can really provide a lot. Great lense.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the meditation tips! I thought the tip about pets especially interesting since my dog likes to join me for meditation. She lies at the end of my yoga mat. Maybe she's meditating too. ;)

      PS - Saw that you have a Kelly Howell video. I also really like her guided meditations.

    • alidabdul profile image

      alidabdul 5 years ago

      My meditation is traveling, I find peace when travel

    • SubheSaadik LM profile image

      SubheSaadik LM 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips of meditation. I got something new on this lens about meditation.