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4 Ways To Start Your Morning In a Perfect Way

Updated on January 20, 2016

Mornings have the biggest influence on our mood, general condition, thoughts and quality of the day. It is important to know that if we start our morning in the right way, we win. We have more energy, we fell happier and more optimistic all the day! Our work effectiveness improves significantly and we are faced up with less stressful situations. Perfect mornings help us achieve our goals quicker and improve our overall feeling and satisfaction. This article introduces 4 ways which lead to a perfect morning!

1. Get up earlier


Many people enjoy sleeping for more than 8 hours because they think that a good night’s sleep is the best treatment for our body, mind and soul. It is true, but our lives are passing at an incredible speed. We can sleep less than 8 hours and feel just as good. The most important thing about getting up earlier is that we will have a chance at starting our morning in a perfect way. Only when we get up earlier we have a chance to drink our coffee, eat the most delicious breakfast, read the newspaper or a favorite book. Also, we have an opportunity to do yoga with calm mind and keep thoughts on the weeks schedule away for a moment. I am sure that morning started in this way will calm you down, lift your mood rapidly and you will be ready to overcome your daily tasks with a big enthusiasm. That sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

2. Eat a healthy breakfast


It is said that “you are what you eat”. In the morning we have to choose our food with great care, because we need to acquire a huge amount of energy in order to implement our daily goals successfully. After the breakfast we have to feel fresh, energetic and have a huge smile on our faces, there shouldn’t be any thought of difficulties ahead. The best choice for breakfast is to eat fruits with cereal, boiled eggs, healthy sandwiches or salads. It depends on your taste. Forget about junk food! Remember that in the morning you can quite a lot, but try choosing the food that will nourish your body. It is said that everyone have to eat in the morning like a kings, have a dinner like prince and supper like a poor man!

3. Read inspirational quotes or a book


Take the time in the morning and read inspirational quotes or a motivational book. It doesn‘t matter whether you will devote ten or twenty minutes. You will decide how much time you are willing to spend reading in the morning. Why is it beneficial to include this practice in your life? Inspirational quotes or a good book red in the morning can motivate you or open your mind to solutions for the problems you thought unsolvable. Your mind will be clean and ready to climb on all the mountains!


4. Think about your achievements

Mornings have to start in a very positive and enthusiastic way. Make a short review of yourself. Think only about your positive changes and achievements. In other words, think only about your strengths. Forget about your weaknesses. Maybe last week you did more exercise or wrestled with your greatest fear? Or maybe you have lost some weight or improved your English skills? It is about your individual accomplishments and you have to be proud of yourself! We all have weaknesses, but we have to pay more attention to our strengths. I am sure that this practice will increase your self-confidence, you will want to grow and achieve more complex objectives!


All of these practices are very easy to use and include in your daily routine. It doesn‘t require huge effort or attaining many skills. That is the main reason why it is good to try all of these practices that will change your life and inner state! Always remember that for a better life, we have to change ourselves, our habits and daily routines! Only then we will see positive feedback. Life will bring the things we have never expected! Try these routines starting tomorrow and observe the changing quality of your life.

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    • indresilkaityte profile image

      Indrė Šilkaitytė 22 months ago from Vilnius, Lithuania

      Thank You for Your opinion, MsDora! :) Best wishes from Lithuania!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 22 months ago from The Caribbean

      You give good, helpful suggestions. In addition to thinking about achievements, spoken words are a great empowerment, so self-talk! Actually, let yourself hear some inspiring empowerment. It helps.