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Updated on June 11, 2012

Life is a flight journey. Its engine started years before. Our parents started the engine first time. They guided the flight through runway began to fly; it started flying after child hood and teenage. On reaching adult age, it will reach its maximum twenties and thirties it will fly smoothly at maximum speed and altitude. We will not bother about our food, exercise and sleep. We work day and night. Our flight flew smoothly without any complaint. We crossed our 40+.after this we slowly feel some troubles. The smooth fly slowly ends. The hormone related changes and body changes slowly affect our body. The altitude of plane comes down. Now we should control the plane properly. There should be a vigilant preparation to face 40+.

Especially women should more vigilant, because in 40+ the menstrual cycle will the amount of calorie, which they consume, cannot burn 30+, the body might be slim, but in 40+we should find an alternate for burning calorie effectively. We should control fried and oily food. I prefer avoid it completely. Daily we should burn extra 100 calorie for the smooth journey of our flight.

The 40+women are undergoing so many activities in day today life. They have to go through their kids; they do house craft and their office work also. You probably were having tea, coffee or juice for getting rid of your fatigue. Please control it, because at this age the liquid form food calorie will increase your body try to keep one or two fruits in your bag. When you feel hungry, have this fruits. Have twelve-ounce water daily (in office).this will help to go through your office work without tiredness. Your body will definitely thank you for this.

When you prepare food in home, you should consider whole family. Because, kids health demands something more. They like something that will not suit your health. That time you will have the same food that you prepared for kids. Grown up children will have food which grown up people usually have. Practice them to have those kinds of foods.

The preparation of less calorie food benefits the whole family. Vegetables and small fish items are good. If you prepare this with more oils and ghee, then there is no try to avoid oils and teaspoon contain 120 calorie. If it is necessary just spread some oil over the dish that you prepared.

You should bother about your weight. After 40+, you should control your weight, also your waist size. We generally complaint that, we do not have time to work out. The regular work out will help you to keep your body and mind will help you to face life positive.


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    • anusujith profile image

      Anoop Aravind A 5 years ago from Nilambur, Kerala, India

      Very Informative... Voted up...