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The Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Updated on October 14, 2013

Honey has been here since the beginning of mankind. Many people don't realise it, but honey is nature's medicine and remedy for us. And this medicine cures and improves all sorts of things. I'll go through a couple in detail in this post.

Honey is a great way to improve stamina and gain energy.

If you're feeling tired, having just one tablespoon of honey can give you a fresh surge of energy. It is the best remedy for those grumpy, lethargic mornings! Honey is also great for improving stamina, endurance, and muscle fatigue. Before you go for a run or a workout, a tablespoon of honey will let you run that extra mile, or do those extra sit-ups! If you're in college, or university, honey can boost your attention span. Honey is a great way to boost your energy in any situation!

Honey can increase the immunity of your immune system.

Honey has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties which can strengthen your immune system and help it build onto what it already has. Many diseases and sicknesses can be prevented through the use and consumption of honey. If you are feeling sick, or already are sick, try swallowing a teaspoon of honey. Don't take it in all at once, consume it slowly. It will drastically improve your health. Another amazing thing about honey; honey has properties to prevent cancer! Scientists did research and discovered that honey holds anti-tumour properties which enable the person consuming it to have a decreased chance to develop cancer. Honey also helps keep arteries and veins unclogged and clean. Honey also helps lower blood pressure. Honey is by far the best remedy for a broad category of sicknesses. If you are sick with ANYTHING, I strongly recommend you try honey.

Honey can help cure everyday problems.

If you have a cut, scrape, or burn, honey is the way to go. Honey is widely known and considered to remedy a whole bunch of aliments. Strained muscle? Arthritis? Muscle pain? Pain in general? Try honey. Guaranteed to help. Stuck with the flu? Have a soar throat? Honey, please try some honey. Having a hard time sleeping? Honey will lull you to sleep. Got stung by a bee? Honey can even remedy THAT! Honey is simply the ultimate remedy.

So. I hope you learned something from this short, but informative post. I want people to realize the magic that honey really is. It's mother nature's way to help mankind. Honey. Curing mankind since... oh I don't know... 4004 BC?


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    • Oilersmyth profile image

      Oilersmyth 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


    • His princesz profile image

      His princesz 5 years ago

      Wow great. I love honey!!!:) Informative and useful:)

    • Oilersmyth profile image

      Oilersmyth 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      It sure is! Thanks for stopping by!

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Mmmmm, honey! I love that something so tasty is also considered antibacterial! Nature is great, huh? :-)

    • Oilersmyth profile image

      Oilersmyth 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Alcoholic honey? I don't think I've ever heard of that!

    • Joe Cook profile image

      Real Life Stories 5 years ago from UK

      Hello. Yes. Some nice facts there. Also, may I suggest, alcoholic honey - meade - is remarkably magical? x