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5 Ayurveda Oil Treatments to Rejuvenate and Reinvigorate Your 5 Senses

Updated on August 6, 2014

The Gateway to Our Senses

We are constantly taking in sensory impressions through the use of our five sense organs – the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. In Ayurveda, the impressions we receive and assimilate from our sensory organs determine the quality of our thoughts and emotions.

Our senses are the doors through which we take in and interact with the world around us.The Five Sense Treatments aim to bring balance to mind and body by targeting your 5 senses with the highly skilled use of brisk aromatic steam baths and soothing herbal oil applications directly to the sense organs to perk up and maintain sensory and motor functions.

By using these ancient yet exceptionally effective oil based techniques to maintain and improve them, the better we'll be able to use our cognitive abilities, balance and heal ourselves and reap greater physical and emotional well-being.



  • Vastly improved breath
  • Invigorated senses
  • Maintenance of mental clarity

1. Kavala

Oil Pulling Oral Treatment

Kavalagraha or just Kavala is a simple yet rejuvenating treatment, with its continued practice the senses are invigorated and enhanced to maintain clarity. It is through the senses that we take in the world around us; the regular practice of kavalagraha cultivates purity of the senses and freshness of mind, allowing us sharper cognitive abilities.

Therapeutic Purposes: This practice is to loosen any toxic residual deposits along the throat passage and in the mouth.

Conditions: Bad breath, dulled senses, exhaustion, dry skin, anorexia, loss of taste, vision impairment, sore throat, and other related imbalances.

Treatment: While sitting upright, clear the mind of any stressful thoughts. A comfortable amount of warmed unprocessed sesame or coconut oil is in the mouth and gargled to stimulate and soothe the sense organs, refresh breath, and invigorate the mind.



  • Improved hearing
  • Stimulates all sense organs
  • Creates calms in the mind

2. Karna Purana

Fortifying Ear Treatment

Karana purana is the practice of gently and slowly pouring warm, herbal oil into the ears to lubricate and strengthen the fine filament fibers within the ear canal which can sharpen hearing while removing any alien contaminants.

Karana purana creates a deep inner stillness.

Therapeutic Purposes: This treatment is customarily performed annually during autumn.

Conditions: Earaches, hearing loss, nervousness, headaches, gum disease, giddiness, excessive earwax, insomnia, jaw pain, neck, head and general bodily aches and pains.

Treatment: Treatments commence with an ear and head massage. The ear is then soothingly filled with 3-10 drops of warm herbal oil.


  • Improved breathing
  • Positively stimulates brain
  • Improved sleep
  • Irrigate and cleanse the sinuses
  • Improved resilience to allergens and illnesses

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3. Nasya

Invigorating Nasal Treatments

Nasya refers to a variety of techniques whereby the senses are cleansed and rejuvenated, and offers relief from common environmental allergies, sinus and nasal problems as well as defends from colds and flu. by opening the channels of the head and treating the brain by stimulating the cranial system with positive and healthy impressions.

Nasya is most effective in when practiced in conjunction with netra tarpana (eye treatment) and karna purana (ear treatment).

Therapeutic Purposes: The primary purpose is to promote brain function and to effect improve in mind-body function. All conditions can be treated from the collarbone up with nasya treatment therapy.

Conditions: Dry, itchy, and watery eyes, sinus congestion, cold, chronic and acute sinusitis, environmental allergies, gum disease, migraine headaches, dizziness, loss of sense of smell and more.

Treatment: Nasya treatments are administered according to the unique needs of the client.

To open the cranial systemic channels to dislodge accumulated congestion and loosen the tissues, gently massage the neck, face and head. The internal channels are further opened by administering an herbal steam inhalation. This loosens any congestion with the nasal passages so raw organic sesame or coconut oil may be gently administered into the nose cavities.



The benefits of Shirodhara are increased with continued treatments.

  • Profoundly relaxes nervous system
  • Improved ability in handling stress
  • Balanced mind
  • Stability of mood
  • Relaxes body
  • Improved memory
  • Nourishes scalp and hair
  • Encourages restorative sleep

4. Shirodhara

A Rejuvenating Treatment for Stillness of Mind

Shirodhara, the icon of Ayurveda in America often conjures images of its soothing and luxurious application of various herbal and organic oils to the body to acutely relax the nervous system, melt away stress, and achieve a profoundly meditative state.

Shirodhara, with continued treatment can achieve even greater states of stillness wherein even deeper psychological healing occurs.

Therapeutic Purposes: This treatment seeks to balance any disparity or imbalance of the sense organs and head. It is generally a treatment for toning the nervous system and stilling the mind.

Conditions: Anxiety, nervousness, manic depression, fatigue, mental exhaustion, panic attacks, burning sensation in head and body, excess sweating, dim vision, blood disorders, indigestion, weak digestion, loss of appetite, repulsion to food, anorexia, and so on.

Treatment: A warm stream of herbal oil is gently and slowly poured on the client’s forehead. The soothing oil rhythmically streamed directly onto the point between the eyebrows (third eye) onto the pituitary gland, and the entire forehead and vital points invigorates the senses and awakens higher transformation.



  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Improves restfulness and sleep
  • Detoxifies the 3 primary doshas
  • Eases bodily aches and pains
  • Profoundly nourishes the body

5. Abhyanga

A Truly Revitalizing and Detoxifying Massage

Abhyanga is an external Ayurveda therapy which uses aromatic herbal oils to help balance, detoxify, and thoroughly nourish the body with a skillful touch and soothing warmed oil, to promote healthy circulation and supple joints.

Therapeutic Purpose: Abhyanga treatment is meant to nourish the body balance, detoxify toxins, and to restore the flow of blocked vital energy or Prana by squeezing out toxic accumulation and contamination from our natural inner channels.

Conditions: Stress, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, tenseness, mental exhaustion bodily aches and pains, excessive perspiration, reduced vision, blood disorders, and so on.

Treatment: The warmed organic oils are massaged deeply penetrating the cells to release toxins as the entire body is specially kneaded in a detoxifying and healing cellular therapy which seeks to promote cellular self healing and regeneration.

Ayurveda: Karana Purana Therapy Treatment

Your 5 senses are each 2-way doors both to and from your outer and inner worlds. For increased energy levels, better mood, healthy proper digestion, glowing radiant skin, and truly restful sleep that has to be experienced to be believed, begin with one of the vibrantly healing Ayurveda sense treatments today!

Watch this video demonstration of Karana Purana being performed with ease, and witness the tranquil calm these enlivening sense treatments can potentially unlock within you through Ayurveda, the Science of Life.


In Ayurveda any therapeutic treatment is held to be very individualistic, varying with each person’s individual constitution (prakriti), as well on changes resulting from solar, lunar and zodiacal influences (kala-parinama).

Ayurveda serves as a pathway back to optimal health achieved through the balancing of the five sense treatments with the individual and nature determining the best possible health care.

© 2014 Frankey J. Mangra


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