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5 Beautiful Places to Strut Your Stuff This Spring

Updated on May 11, 2017
Ceperly House and Garden
Ceperly House and Garden

You’ve waited and waited, and it’s finally happened. Spring has come to Vancouver at last! Now that you’ve dusted off those Ray Bands (are they still trendy?) and shoved those bulky winter sweaters to the back of the closet it’s time to get out there and soak up some Vitamin D!

Who doesn’t love the feeling of stepping out on a gorgeous sunny day, all that warm awesome light hitting your face?

Right.. nobody.

Some places around town are particularly beautiful in the Spring, popping with colour and that fresh vibe unique to this time of year. So whether you’re out to take stunning seasonal Insta shots, or just enjoying some fresh air, these places won’t disappoint.

1. Garden at Ceperly House and Deer Lake Park

Besides there being a really cool haunted house on the grounds (true story), Deer Lake is the perfect place for a picnic with your bff or a romantic stroll with Bae. The garden area is gorgeous in the spring, full of large rhododendrons and daffodils.

2. Queen Elizabeth Park

If you were going to make a “spring stroll” bucket list for Vancouver, QE Park has to be on it. The old rock quarry is blazing with colour and the cherry blossom trees add a whimsical charm.

3. VanDusen Botanical Garden

Speaking of must see, VanDusen is nothing short of magical in the Spring. It will cost you to get in ($11) but it’s well worth it if beautiful flowers are your thing, or if you’ve got someone special to impress.

4. John Lawson Park Pier and Seawall

This stroll is all about sun, sand and stunning views. Walk to the end of the pier and take a selfi with the Lion’s Gate Bridge in the background, then saunter down the boardwalk all the way to Dundarave where 5 star dining at the Beach House restaurant awaits you. Or you could just walk up to Marine Drive and hit the Starbucks.

5. Olympic Village

Olympic Village is great year round, but it’s a little extra special once the weather starts to warm up. A great place to people watch (and be seen) the Village lets you bask in the sun, quench your thirst on a patio or walk all the way to Granville Island.

Of course you could also walk the seawall in Stanley Park, window shop on Robson or maybe just stroll through your own neighbourhood and check out what little coffee shops might be in the area. Whatever the scenery, just get out there! You never know what you might find, or who you might meet.


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