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5 Causative Factors of Low Libido in Men

Updated on August 15, 2017
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Low libido refers to diminished desire for the opposite sex. It often leads to myriad of problems such as family cheating, family breakages and even low self esteem for those affected.

The condition, which affects both genders, can be a pointer to an underlying health condition. It's also important to note that individuals at an advanced ages are more likely to suffer fluctuations in sex urge. The question the is, what actually causes this condition? Can it be prevented? here are probable answers to these queries. Read on.

Low Libido and Erectile Dysfunction

While low libido refers to reduced urge of sexual intimacy, ED is a condition in which the affected individual is unable to sustain erection. Erectile dysfunction, which also referred to as impotence, affects nearly 30 million men the world over.

Causes of Low Libido

1. Stress

We all go through a rough patch in life. Whether it's financial difficulties, problems at places of work or family conflicts, many people end up exhausted from the confrontations and can no longer manage to indulge in the conjugal act.

2. Depression

Depression affects the functioning of the human body. It's common for depressed individuals to lose interest in activities they previously enjoyed and even the company of their beloved ones.

3. Chronic illnesses

Illnesses such as cancer can lead to exhaustion, excessive pain and hopelessness. Affected individuals would find it hard to indulge in intimacy relation owing to the factors highlighted here in.

4. Age advancement

As one advances in age, they become less energetic and are often preoccupied by life hustles. It's harder for senior citizens to remain sexually active as they were in their more youthful days.

5. Restless Legs Syndrome

A nervous system disorder in which the affected individual has unending urge to move their legs. The condition often affects the sleep quality of the affected person and this leaves the brain exhausted. This leads to reduced interest in activities such as sexual intimacy.

Dealing with restless legs

Final Word

While it's not always possible to avoid life problems, it is necessary to take charge of your destiny as your attitude determines your state of mind. By take charge of relationships, life endeavors and more, you have a chance to remain happy and sexually active no matter what may come your way.


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